[The Importance Of Being Earnest]

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This is my first time reading an English -
version play. Actually I think it is easier than
fictions and poems. I consider that Oscar Wilde
reflected people's thoughts at that age skillfully
. From Act 1, I have gotten some general ideas
of people's attitude toward things. In the play,
Algy thought "girls never marry the man they flirt
with. Girls don't think it right." Why? Can't
a wife flirt with her own husband? That's sounds
strange. In my opinion, the common thinking was
still conservative. Girls usually did not accept
too much education. And a wife had to respect
and obey what her husband said--typical patri-
society. A gentleman should be sedate, tender,
polite, well-educated and considerate. Then
people just thought he was depenable. Girls would
like to choose this kind of men as their husbands.
But Miss Fairfax(Gwendolen) was not the typical
type. She was specticular. She said "I am always
smart."--refered proud and conceited. "I intended
to develop in many directions."--a person of noble
aspiration. These shows she was different from
the other girls. She has her own thoughts and
intended to do things she liked. Therefore, she
dared to express her passionate affection to Jack
directly and made her own decision promising
Jack's proposal with out asking her mother'
permission. Though her open-hearted attitude, of
course her mother would not allow this happen.
She still judged a man in a strict and tradition
way. She asked the two families must be well
matched such as status, finance or background. In
the beginning she was quite glad when hearing Jack
admit he smoked.(That's ridiculous! Didn't she know
that smoking could harm one's health? Probably
she thought a man looked elegant when he had a
smoke in his mouth or on his hand.) Then she
felt satisfied about Jack's age, income, property
and politics.(Was herself choosing her own husband
or her daughter's husband? She asked too much
details!) Everything went fine so far. Also
Lady Bracknell would like to know something about
Jack's parents--who they were or how were their
status? Jack expose the truth--he himself had no
idea who his parents were. He was found in a
hand-bag. The old lady was shocked and was not
pleased. Her attitude changed. Though Jack
promised to ensure Gwendolen's happiness, it was
no use.(I think it was just the most important
part, but Lady Bracknell denied it.) Lady
Bracknell even advised him to try to acquire some
relations or to produce one parent, just because
her only daughter could marry a humble-origin
person--she was so snobbish! Such impressive gentleman had been
doubted and insulted just because his unknown
parents had deserted him when he was still an
infant. How cruel and unfair to Jack! From this
I notice that the young couple fell in love with
their own willings but still they had to be
restricted by the old-fashioned thoughts. I
think that was what Oscar Wilde was satirizing


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