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First of all, I like this comedy of manners very
much. Wilde used many techniques to express his
idea. For example, he used Euphuism. On page 262,
" If one plays good music, people don't listen,
if one play bad music, people don't talk".On page
269,relations are simply a tedious pack of people,
who haven't got the remotest knowledge of how to
live,nor the smallest instinct about when to die.
These sentences are highly elaborated by using
balance, antithesis, and alliteration.Chinese also
use this technique.In addition, Wilde used paradox.
On page 261,I never saw a woman so alterd by her
husband'death, she looks quite twenty years
younger.We must look deep inside or make a turn
with these sentences,and we can know its meaning.
Wilde used a ironic way to reflect the ranks of
aristocracy.As we know,the background is in the
period of Queen Victoria.We can find many
differences in the dialogue between Jack and Algy
I prefer Algy,he is funny and his thought is
special.Although Jack thought him cynical,Algy's
action and words imply the corruption and greed
of upper class.The most ironic character is Lady
Bracknell.For instance,to lose a parent,may be
regarded as a misfortune,to lose both looks like
carelessness.Oh! How evil she is!She looked down
on Jack and made fun of him.SO,I'm happy to hear
that she is a monster,without being a myth.THis
reflects that upper class didn't care lower class
and what they emphasize is social status.Gwendolen
is a pure girl to a blind extent,and Jack can do
everything for her. But Lady B refused Jack's
proposal because of Jack's background.This also
present a problem between parents and their
children.Few parents in that period of time pay
any regard to what their children say to them.
Fortunely,this situation improves nowadays.We can
communicate with our parents and choose whom we
love.Lane holds a negative attitude towards love
even tomorrow.He is utterly pessimist.Maybe he
can't do what he wants under the pressure from
upper class.Jack is a traditional person in
contrast with Algy,a cynical,immoral guy.(modern
culture)Wilde implies something in the dialogue
between Jack and Algy.For example,on page 257,
Algy said,It is absurd to have a hard and fast
rule about what one should read and what one
should read and what one shouldn't.In my opinion,
some of books are banned in that period of time.


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