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Journal for drama

Act 1
The time is late 19th century. The concept may produce some discord and argument because it will get into a new century. Besides, this thing happen in a splendid house and everyone has various kinds of features and views. Algernon is a rich host who has a spectacular house and he love to smoke cigarettes. I think he may be a mid-aged person who has a beard and wear a square glasses of golden rim. And he can accept new thoughts; similarly, he also observes the traditional rules. Lane is also a traditional woman. She loves his family and has a great responsibility. In addition, she always follows the orders to do things she has to finish. Actually, Jack is Earnest because his name is Earnest in town and Jack in the country. Why does he have two names? This is because a woman he loves like the name "Earnest". He is a pitiful orphan who is deserted by his parents and then someone brings him up. I suggest he is a tall, gentle, and handsome guy. Gwendolen has a curly long hair and is a slender female. She is a woman who has her opinion and is also obey her mother's words. Why does she like the name "Earnest"? "Earnest" is a divine name and has music of his own and it also produces vibrations. Lady Bracknell is an old, thin, and stubborn woman. She wears a small square glasses of black rim and we can find there are many rings in her every fingers. Also, she looks down upon poor people. As a consequence she is not good to get along with.
Jack considers love and marriage are more important than anything is. If they love each other really, they will not care about other things. In Jack's opinion, he loves Miss Fairfax truly and he doesn't understand why she only notices his name "Earnest" rather than his other advantages. Furthermore, Gwendolen has her own opinion about her lover. But I think that is an unimportant point because she only like a person's name which listens well or not. If one loves a person, he/she will put emphasis on his/her thoughts, behavior, and speaking. However, Lady Bracknell thinks that wealth and family background is very significant. If her daughter wants to get married with a male, this man has to get her accept. Strictly speaking, I can figure out her proposal because she wants to her daughter to live happily and enjoy happiness. Each mother will do the same thing like Lady Bracknell. I think Lady Bracknell and Jack's dialogue is an important part in act 1. We can see tradition and modern are different. I think the author wants to declare the social situation and opinion in 19th century. And we can know this real world clearly after reading this drama.


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