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SUMMERY: This drama is very interesting and funny, after I read it again.
The story is talking about a man who has two names and uncertain background.
He falls in love with a beautiful girl and wants to marry her, but her mother
doesn't like him and her cousin wants to break them up, so the story is a
little bit complex but funny in the content.
1.ALGERNON--He is a wicked man, smoetimes he pretents to be friendly with
JACK while sometimes he talks to JACK with sarcastic tone, trying to stop
his cousin and JACK get married.Also, he is good at lying, he cheats his
as if something really happened. He talks in different ways when he meet
different people; for example, when he talks to JACK, he often uses some
sarcastic words to disappoint him as an amusement. But he changes his attitude
into polite and tender toward LADY BRACKNELL and GWENDOLEN.
IF I were a director, I would like the actor be a little bit thin guy
who has brown hair and big head; also, he dresses nice and often wear a
tall hat on his head. He might have a crutches to show his elegance.He might
has a low and deep voice that often sounded cold and has small eyes, small
nose that looks very wicked.
2.LANE--He is a pessimist, just as ALGERNON said. But he everything orderly
and serves his master very well, showing his faithfulness all the time.Although
he didn't show up in important scenes, he still connects the story between
other characters.
Maybe he should wear aloso nice clothes such as a suit to show he belongs
to a rich family and has a high-ranked master.He is old and has white hair,
not very fat but a little bit short. He wears a golden glasses and a bowtie
on his suit. I think he might be a black man because people in that period
might still like to fire black people as thier servants.
3.JACK--He is a passionate and active person toward love, but sometimes he
ignores that he should make a decision carefully instead of falling in love
with GWENDOLEN for the first sight. Maybe that is also a funny place the
writer arranges on purpose; otherwise, there will not have such a story.
JACK is a honest guy while LADY BRACKNELL asks him many personal questions,
and sometimes he reacts directly when he doesn't undersand what others mean,
he would try to make things more clear and then decide what to do next step,
so he often asks "why" or "what".Actually, i don't believe that would happen
in reality, I mean it's hard to get along well for a long time under that
situation, so I think Jack is too excited about marring a pretty girl and decides
that recklessly.
In my opinion, he should take sincere and full of energy, because he has
passion of his life. He might not be very fat, and he should be a tall, handsome
boy and have confidence in whateverhe does. Besides, he wears nice dress, often
wear a hat, too.
4 Gwendolen--She is a also a youngster so that she has some open behavious such
as kiss with Jack in back of her mether, and she is stubborn of choosing her own
love although her mother doesn't allow she and Jack get married. She is a little


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