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This is my first time to read English drama.
Characters play a very important role in drama.
In this drama, there were several leading actors,
they were Lane, Algy, Lady Bracknell, Gwendolem,
and Ernest.Algy was Lady bracknell's nephew,Lane's
sir,Gwendolem's cousin, and Ernest's friend.In
other words, "Algy" connected all the leading
actors. In the beginning, Algy picked up Ernest's
cigarette case and found Ernest's another name,
Jack. He thought Jack was not honest to them. He
also asked who Cecily was.Ernest told a lie. In fact,
Cecily was his ward, not his aunt. I thought that
he did not want anyone to know his pretty and young
ward, including Algy.
Ernest fell in love with Gwendolem at the first
sight. In his opinion, she was the cleverest
girl he had ever met. He was long to marry her,
therefore he proposed. Gwendolem also loved him, so
she promise quickly. However, Lady Bracknell did
not think Ernest was a good object of courtship
for Gwendolem.Lady bracknell and her husband hoped
their only daughter marry someone who should be
wealthy and has a high position.Therefore, Lady
Bracknell satirized Ernest in their talk. She said:
"YOu can hardly imagine that I and Lord Bracknell
would dream allowing our only daughter- a girl
brought up with the utmost care-to marry into a
clock-room and form an alliance with a parcel."
Besides, she also interrogated if Ernest has
houses and how much his property was. Apparently,
she cared if her daughter could have a wealthy
life after if Gwendolem marry him.
In my opinion, Algy was a benevolent person,
because he treated his servant, Lane, friendly. He seemed
to be a optimistic person, too.
The strangest role was Ernest, for he had two
different names in country and town. In my imagination,
he was a gentleman wearing a suit, the so-called
upper society style.
They have different view points about marriage.
Algy did not feel it's romantic in proposing. He
thought it's very romantic to be in love,but not
about a definite proposal. Ernest agreed that,too.
Lane was Algy's servant.He was a speechless and
pessimistic man.When Algy said:" I hoped it will
be fine tomorrow",and Lane said : "it never will
be." Besides, his view point about was that
marriage was in consequence of a misunderstanding
between himself and a young person.
I thought Gwendolem was a girl who fell in love
easily. Furthermore, she was brave in expressing
her love. In UK upper society, it's a bad behavior
to flirt with someone. But Gwendole did that,
In my imagination, Lady Bracknell should be full
in form, and acted in an elegant and poised way.
Maybe she also brought a parasol and wore a long
skirt. In Lady Bracknell's opinion, women should
marry a rich and healthy man. In conclusion, all
the characters had their own view points about


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