A journal for Act1

PosterĄG Christine Lin at 12:6:30 12/18/97 from c441-30.svdcc.fju.edu.tw

This is the first time that I study Drama.
I think drama is quite different from the fiction
and poetry. Fiction is written for people to read
and drama is written for actors and actresses to
act, so itwill produce some difference between the
m. Besides,I think poetry is like a delicate cake.
It is far shorter than fiction and drama. In my
opinion, drama focus on body language. Thus, when
people read drama , I think it is necessary to no
tice the character's facial expressions and how
theymove because it may reveal some meanings to
the readers. To my thinking, Act one is a
ridiculous,funny, and sarcastic play.
It is a comedy actually. It presents people's
thoughts and value standards in a funny and
sarcastic way. For example, Algernon once said,
"All women become like their mothers. That is
their tagedy. No man does. That'shis." Actually,
by this funny way of saying things, I think what
he wants to say is the disagreementof the
mothers' value standards.I think in Act One,
Lady Bracknell is a conservative woman for some
reasons. She is veryconservative about marriage.
When Jack told her that he wants to marry her
daughter, she becameserious about that. She began
to inquire him a lotof questions. she cared much
about how much land and money he had, how old he
is, what status hehad, and his family background.
And she could'ntput up with his family background
because Jack didn't know who are his parents.
Therefore, they argued at that point. I think by
the presentationof Lady Bracknell, we can see the
value standardin the upper class. In addition,
as far as Algernon and Jack is cincerned, I have
many questions about them.I think I can't agree
much about their views about marriage. Like what
Algy said,"The only way to behave to a woman is
to make love to her, if sheis pretty, and to
someone else, if she is plain."I think he focuses
to much on women's appearanceinstead of their mind
s. And I don't know if Jackreally like Gwendolen
because he seemed also liked Cecily. That's my opinions about the charactersin Act One.


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