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I do not read drama before,and this is my first
time to read it.I think the most difference
between literature is that all in drama are all
conversations,and it is more active,because when
I read this drama,I have a scene in my mind,in
this,I can imagine by myself.In"THE IMPORTANCE of
BEING EARNEST."The first act I saw some actors,
like Algernon,Lane,Jack(Mr.Earnest),Lady Bracknell
,and Gwenodlen.Each one has his own clear character
In my opinion,Algernon is a strange guy,in the
sentences,there are nany parts he talked I felt
nonsence.Jack is better,but I still do not actually
know why he used his brother's name-Earnest Worthing
And the actress,Lady Bracknell,I do not like her,
she is so snobbish and she did not care her
daughter's induvidual opinion and how she really
feels.In another side,about Gwendolen,is a little
strange,too.How could she choosed her lover just by
the name and accepted a man so quickli.So,as a result,
I think all actors in this drama are a little
stranre so far,except Lane.

Ray,I know my journal is too short,because this
is my second time type the same journal,I am
tired,so I just write the summery of my journal.


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