Drama---Act 1

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This is an interesting drama on the surface but
actually it sneers the greddy and hypocrisy of the
upper class in England. If you have money and high
status, you win respect. In addition, you are more
superior than others. Basecally speaking, the story
is ridiculous but it also gives me some inspiration.
If we just put emphasis on fortune and status, we are
nothing. It is because wealth can not stand for
In this story, Lady Bracknell play an important
role. She is an old-fashioned woman and always
judges a person from his accent. For instance, when
she arrives at Algernon's home, she sees Jack and
bows to him with" icy coldness." She does have
politeness. But when she shows her politeness, she
is not out of her heart. When she knows that Jack
has a land in the country and has a great number
investments, she triesto be friend. Afterward, she
knows Jack is an orphan and she changes her attitude
suddently. She is the reflection of reality. I
think Jack is a person who always treats peoole
with his heart. He faces the reality bravely and
tells Lady Bracknell and Algernon his family
background. Furthermore, he is single-minded on
Gwendolen. He is very faithful to her. As to
Algernon, he is kind to friends generally and he is
a good cousin as well. This is why he would ask
so many questions about Jack. He doesn't want Jack
to treat his cousin, Gwendolrn. But he asks too
many questions. I think everyone should have the
right to keep his privacy. Although Lane is just
a servant, it seems that he has good relationship
with Algernon. Sometimes they act like friends bbut
Lane still shows resprct to Algernon. Gwendolen is
a noive girl I think. She is also a little like
her mom and we can see this from her comments of
Jack and John.
Each of them shows their opinions of marriage.
Algernon thinks marriage is a kind of burden. Women
would become much more like their mothers. That
is to say, they will become liking to take gossip
and they will be no more slim and charming. But
he doesn't refuse marriage totally, he still wants
to know Cecily. Gwendolen is a typical woman. She
wants the most original way of proposing . As far
as Jack is concerned, he is willing to promise all
requests of Gwendolen. Lady Blacknell, however,
doesn't agree to their marriage because Jack doesn't
have a prefect background. What she thinks is money,
money and money and she seldom thinks about her
daughter's happiness. What a pity! For filial piety,
Gwendolen dare not to admit Jack's proposing. Jack
still hopes he could have a chance.
Bunburyist shows up many tomes. Jack has two names
so I think this is a way that Algernon expresses
his sarcasm to Jack.


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