The Importance of Being Ernest. Act I

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I read this play and found out that it actually
doesn't have any plot. It makes me feel as if it
is a sentimental play or romantic. Because there
is a scene where Jack is telling Algy how great
his love is towards Gwendolin, at the same scene
we see that Jack is proposing to Gwendolin. And
when Jack is proposing, we see that Gwendolin
also loves Jack.
The characters in this play are very dramatic,
there are all kinds of feelings. There is a
charmful girl, there is a cold heart lady, etc.
The main character, Jack Worthing is a man
with two identity, his name in the country is
Ernest but in Town his name is Jack. The reason
of this is because it makes him easier to have an
excuse to come to town. Jack makes people belive
that Ernest is his brother. He is a very
sentimental and straight person. He is able to
express his feeling with no doubt and also he has
no morality of being a gentleman. In act one we
see how Jack tells Algy about Lady B. the way he
tells him.
Another important character is Algernon, his
friend and relatives call him Algy. This person
is rich but he is not quite a gentleman because he
loves to be in troubles. He is always making fun
of his friend Jack. He tries to make his Aunt
lady B. believe that he has an invalid friend
whose name is Bunbury, but actually he actually
he is making fun of his friend Jack because he
feels that Jack is a bunbury person. Algy's
appereance seems to be fat because at the
beginning of the play we see Algy eating a
cucumber sandwich, there was a plate of it but at
when Algy's aunt came, he has already eaten all of
the sandwiches placed on the plate.
Lady Bracknell (Lady B.)is the woman who is
arrogant and also don't like to have relation with
people of a lower race than her. She has a
daughter but she never listens to her. Bracknell
thinks that her child isn't able to make up
decision specially for her own marriage. I think
this lady must look like a witch. A lady with
long messy gray hair, a big cone-hat, with old
fashined glasses and a hooky nose. But her
custome must be very elegant because she is a
wealthy woman.
Gwendolyn Fairfax is the daughter of Lady B.
She is a beautiful woman who is in love with Jack,
she is worry because her mother made her feel that
she must refuse Jack.
The less important character is Lane, he is
the servant, in the play he is only calling up the
names of the peoples who are going to come up to
the stage. He might be a little bit fat because
Algy always let him use some of his suits. Algy
treats him very well.
From what I have read, i think this play is
very confuse because the talking is in a modern
way and not in a formal way. There is some scenes
that seems to be funny but the rest is very
difficult to understand. If I had to write a
brief summary of the play, I will say that the
first act of the play is only talking about the
the background of the character and the main idea
of the play which is how is Jack going to gain the
appreciation of Lady Bracknell.


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