The Importance of BEing Earnest

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The Importance of Being Earnest
It's a sarcastic title because obviously we can see one main character in the story named "Earnest" is not earnest at all! It's absurd that one uses tow names just because
he wants to be free of majesty. In the story, all people act too unusual (I mean they are so serious of what they say) that makes the story quite funny. For example, Algy always talks in "his" logic way, and that makes Jack criticize his words as "nonsense".
Algy creates a man named "Bunbury" in case he has any unpleasant appointment, he can make an excuse of Bunbury's being seriously sick and he has to look after this friend. These tow friends aren't "earnest" in any respects!
As for other characters in the story, the maid Gwendolen and her mother, Lady Bracknell, act rather ridiculous in the story. Gwendolen, in my opinion, is a girl full of fantastic and romantic thoughts. Not a normal girl in modern world would marry a man just because his name has music in it. But here it is, Gwendolen is this kind of girl. It's not hard to find that she is not quite realistic. For she first meet a man called "Earnest" (the ideal name she wants) and soon engaged with him. That's too exagerated! As for her mother, her behavior is funny, too. In the civilized society, no one would take note of other's background in front their face, especially when the person is going to be your son-in-law. The way Lady Bracknell taking notes is just like a police asking a criminal.
In my imagination, Algy is a person who treats the world carelessly; in other words, he's cynical. He may be extremely decent. We can see this by the description of his room, luxuriously and artistically furnished. Also, he's not humble, instead, he's quite proud and enjoys giving others his advises. When others' ideas differ from his, he tents to regard them as strange persons. He's also a man with fancy thoughts, for he thinks love romantic, but not marriage. In scene first, the only person who really cares the reality is Lady Bracknell. But she's a little too excessive. Despite of all the nice conditions of Earnest, she can't bear her daughter merry to a person without family background. Her behavior is rather impolite; she sweeps out of the room. What's more, she said, " You can hardly imagine that ĄKĄKĄKĄKto marry into a cloak-room, and form an alliance with a parcel." Here we can see very clear that what she really concerns is not the happiness of her daughter, but the "welfare" of their family. In the play, she may be a fat woman wearing long skirt to show her majesty. And maybe she wears a hat that decorated with many flowers and a necklace made with jewel. Or maybe she has diamond rings that cross her fat fingers. In a nutshell, she's a "material woman".
I don't know the purpose Oscar Wilde wrote this play, but I think this play can be an entertainment in this stressful world. (Although it's really ridiculous).


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