The Importance of Being Earnest

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It is the first time that I read an English
drama. I am so excited. After I read this drama,
I think that it is a little bit hard. We have to
remember the roles in this drama and we can guess
the roles' character by their speaking and action.
We can also imagine the roles' appearance, even their
attire. There are many keys in a drama, maybe it is
a word, a sentence or a action. In my opinions, I
feel that drama is more vivid than the short story.
It is like that we stand near the roles. It is very
First, I would like to discuss about the roles'
character. In my opinions, my first impression to
Algy is that he is a kind man. We can find in his
speaking. For instance, Lane does not buy the cumcumber
,but Algy does not make thing difficult for this to
Lane. He also cares his cousin, Gwendolen. From
his speaking with Jack, we can find that he protects
Gwendolen from Jack. He wants Jack to explain clearly
about Cecily. Then I think Jack is an irresponsible
person. He uses two names, Ernest in town, and Jack
in the country. I also feel that he dose not respect
women, I do not like his attitude. He also tells a
lie. He wants to take the sandwiches and bread, I
think that he is impolite. I do not Know his attitude
to Cecily. I know he loves Gwendolen but why does
he tell a lie to Algy? And he says that he comes
to town for pleasure. I think that Jack must be a
playboy, and dresses beautiful clothes and perfumes
Now I want to talk about Miss Fairfax, Gwendolen.
When Jack talk to her, she thinks that she is smart
but perfect. She consideres that it will be no room
for developments. She intends to decelop in many
directions. I feel that she has the ideas of her
own, she is the woman who wants to pursue her ideals.
In my eyes, she may not be the person who yield to the
tradition. I think that she is very different from
her mother,Lady Bracknell. I think that Lady Bracknell
is the traditional,high society woman. She says that
Jack is not on her list of eligible young men, although
she has the same list as the dear Duchess of Bolton.
Then she askes about smoking and income of Jack.
I think that there are only profit and money in her
I think that this drama may tell about the attitude
to marriage but now I do not really understand what
they think about. I will read next act to analysis
the roles.


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