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Introduction to University
Journal of Drama: the Importance of Being Earnest
(Act One)

Through the funny drama, the audience is faced with the real thoughts of the upper class-how they think about love, marriage, property, status, etc. Each character in this act has different opinion about love, engagement, and marriage. Jack would be someone sensitive and romantic-marriage isn't the business for him; he wants no lady but Gwendolen. Algernon is just the opposite of Earnest: he regards it as entertainment to make love to woman; it is difficult for him to get married to anyone. Gwendolen has the bravery to pursue the love she is longing for but it is impossible for her to resist the marriage her parents arrange for her. It goes without saying that how Lady Bracknell, Gwendolen's mother, attaches importance to her daughter's marriage-she always brings the pencil and notebook with her-she pays attention to whoever fits her pretty daughter. In her mind, it's hardly for a girl to arrange marriage for herself except her parents allow her. Lady Bracknell's inquiries of Jack are in order to figure out how rich and powerful he is by asking if he is smoking and how old he is; the cigarette is possible to be owned by richer and she measures if Earnest has inherited the property of his family! She also puts emphasis on the way Jack earns his money-investment is nice but Jack's house in town is so unfashionable! More funny, she asks him to find out "real" father or mother of his own. After reading the conversation she has with Jack, Stan thinks that she is finding the insurance that she would not be poor in her latter life-she seems to dial cows with one customer she prefer. Lane would be special-he doesn't belong to the upper class. However, his attitude toward marriage is so close to Algernon's: " That (Lane's marriage) was in consequence of a misunderstanding between myself and a young person" he says. He would have no imagination about marriage after experiencing it thought he says that it's a pleasant state to his master, which is merely a lie. Stan guesses if he hold the same disposition against marriage before?


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