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The Importance of Being Honest
sh woman, and take marriage an interesting The Importance of Being Honest
This play is pretty interesting, and many
things it talks about is but something very funny for we readers
game. We also can see from the sentence " The only
way to behave to a woman is be make love to her
, if she is pretty and to someone else if she is p
lain." the kind of attitude is so skittish that
make me feel angry. In comparison, the concept
from Jack is much more serious than Algy. He loved
Gwendolen and took it serious to marry her
instead of fooling her. To him, he can not agree
with Algy in many aspects so he usually said
" that's nonsense " toward what Algy said about
marriage. As for Lane ,he regarded marriage as
a responsibility and he had to do his duty just
out of obligation without passionate love(maybe
love faded with time went by). I feel that from"
That(marriage) was in consequence of a
misunderstanding between myself and a young
person." And I think Gwendolen was looking
forward to marriage hopefully with imagination
or something. But contrarily, Lady Bracknell
just thought marriage as an investigation ; she
thought a good marriage would bring fame and money
, so she was very mean and critical toward Jack.

In terms of setting, there should be many
famous paintings, leather sofa, carpet fire place¡K
¡Ketc. To sum up there should be a luxurious
atmosphere. In my opinion , I think Jack should
be a formal young guy, Algy should look like a
play boy, Lady Bracknell should be an old-
fashioned woman, Gwendolen should be a beautiful
and smart young lady and Lane is just like an
obedient servant in uniform. All those characters
are important , especially for Algy because he
was related to everyone; he linked them up.
Besides the character I interested in most is
Gwendolen because I think she was a independent
young lady although she lived in a traditional
and conservative society. She seemed to have
active attitude toward her future life. What
confused me is that how could she loved Jack
just because of his name.


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