The Importance of being Earnest

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In this play, we can easily find out that each character in this act thinks about love, engagement, and marriage in the very different ways. Maybe Algernon assumed that marriage would be very sweet and lovely at the beginning , so he was really very surprised as he heard "that in married households the champagne is rarely of a first-rate brand" that maybe implied us the marriage life was not so sweet and lovely as we thought of . However Algernon also thought that it was nothing romantic in proposing , so I don't think that he really meant that by saying "Is marriage so demoralizing as that?" to his servant, Lane. In Algernon's opinion , he maybe thought that falling in love with a lady is more romantic and excited than making a proposal to her for he didn't really have to pay any responsibility to her and he thought that "the excitement is all over "if he makes a proposal to a girl. As for Jack , he thought engagement was a way to show his love to the person he loves and wants to marry. and about Gwendolen, I thought she was a very brave and nonconformist girl inside this play for the setting of this play was in the very conservative period of the U.K. and I thought that Lady Bracknell was a very realistic and cynic person inside the play . She thought that the person who wanted to marry her own daughter must have lots of wealth and also born in the very upper class , not just a "nobody" in the society. She didn't permit the marriage between Jack and Gwendolen for she thought Jack won't give her daughter a good "wealth future ", so she satirized him all the time in their conversation. Besides, I thought Gwendolen was also very "stupid" for inside this play she loved Jack just because she liked the name "Earnest " that was the name Jack used to avoid the realistic society and that was appeared in one of the songs she preferred to. I think it's really very absurd for one loves someone just because s/he has the name s/he likes.
As for Algernon's value standard, I think he is a very serious man for he hates people who aren't serious about meals and thinks them so shallow. And through Lady Bracknell's inquiries of Jack , we can easily figure out that she considers the material life as a very important part of her and her daughter's daily life. She doesn't think Jack deserves her daughter for she basically looks down upon him for she knows "where" Jack came from though he was adapted by the aristocrats.
And there is Lane as a servant in this play , his view about marriage is quite weird for he tell Algy the marriage life is very pleasant and he also tell him the former marriage he had is a misunderstanding between he and a young person. I think inside this play ,it's very easy for any character to tell a lie . and they won't feel embarrassed or guilty but think that they are right for they all have the good reasons. Algy invented Bunbury so that he can use it to avoid the society anytime he liked, and so did Jack to invent the person - Earnest .
On the whole, I think the play is very interesting and the characters are sometimes very "stupid and stubborn" for they just insist what they think and what they want to own by telling some foolish lies to one another.


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