Drama 1

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This was a silly story where dialogues between
the characters were mostly nonsense and reversed
to reality.
First, I* d like to give a brief analyze of the
Q Algy: rich, young, good looking man. He was
very cynical. He had an unduly high opinion of
himself and amused himself by mocking people. He
hated being with his relatives but was good at
hiding his real feeling. I imagine him to be a
man of fine breeding but I think that all his good
manners were owing to his hypocrisy.
Q Jack: rich, young, good looking man. He was
very in love with Gwendolen. His attitude was
more serious than his friend and though he was a
liar too as Algy, there was a big difference
between them: Jack disapproved of his lying and
tried to be sincere with his love while Algy
thought lying was right and necessary.
Q Lady Bracknell: she was a cold, arrogant,
snobbish old woman. I imagine her to be fat,
wearing a long dress and a big round hat with
feathers on it. She was very critical and wordy.
Q Gwendolen: she was definitely a brainless woman
who was dreaming of romance all the time.
Q Lane: I think Lane was an intelligent servant
and good at lying too as his master. I don*t think
he was a loyal man at all. I imagine him as a
tall, thin man, wearing a black uniform suit and
he looked very neat.
Every character had different opinions about
love and marriage that were the two main theme of
the play.
I think on one hand, love for Algy was only an
accessory of daily life which function was to
amuse oneself. It was like a game and whenever
one got tired of it he could withdraw from the
game or simply start with another one by changing
a new partner. Algy looked down at women. He
even said: *The only way to behave to a woman is
to make love to her, if she is pretty, and to
someone else, if she is plain.* Besides, Algy
thought that the worst thing for one to do was to
get married. He thought marriage was a business,
one only got married for convenience, and divorces
were made in heaven. For him, marriage must be
established on lies, otherwise one would be bored
to death in a married life. Therefore affaires
were necessary for either men or women: *In
married life three is company and two is none.*
Consequently, lying was the only way to set up an
*happy English home*.
On the other hand, Jack had a completely
different view to his friend. Although Jack was
a liar too, he was faithful to his love and was
very serious about marriage. Unlike Algy, he had
wonderful expectations regards to marriage and
tried to be honest with Gwendelon by putting end
to his lie.
As regards to Gwendelon, she was a beautiful
girl who lived in pure vanity. Her only concern
was to catch attention and make all men fall in
love with her, and she seemed to be very proud of
this ability of her. However, she was a brainless
woman who believed in mere romance. For instance,
she loved Earnest because the name sounded nice
for her. She said that when she*d heard this name
for the first time, she knew she*d love the man of the name even she hadn*t met him yet.
In comparison with Gwendolen, Lady Bracknell*s
view about marriage was not much better than her
daughter. What*s more, in her opinion, marriage
had nothing to do with love but convenience.
She*d even made a list of the best men for
Gwendolen*s future husband. And the most
important requirements to marry her daughter were:
wealth and good family background for they
represented one*s social position.
The whole story was set up on lies. First at
the beginning, we see the lie about champagne that
Lane told to his master who seemed to be
indifferent to it. Then the coming of Earnest
(who was not earnest at all for his real name was
Jack) that made reveled his lie of being Earnest
in town and Jack in country. As a result, Jack
too reveled the truth of his imaginary invalid
friend Mr. Bunbury from where came the new word
bunburist meaning those people who invent a
nonexistence person as an excuse in order to
escape away from their duties and have fun.
Another lie in the act I was when Algy, united
to Lane, deceived Lady B about the cucumber
sandwiches. This perfect tacit understanding
between the servant and his master showed us how
easy was for them to lie, and they were so used to
it that they even considered it right to do so.


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