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This is a story about people who think they are decent and sincere but are superficious, dishonest, and hypocritical. Jack Worthing wanted to name himself after Earnest, but meanwhile he made himself not earnest. Moreover, itˇ¦s nothing but this name that attracted Gwendolen. Gwendolen accepted Jackˇ¦s proposal simply because she was fond of the name ˇ§Earnestˇ¨. She was too shallow to see things with a sober mind. Neither was her mother Lady B., who judged a person by oneˇ¦s property and habits. She didnˇ¦t care oneˇ¦s personality, but the appearances. Lady B. is also an indifferent woman. I can tell by her cruelty for Mr. Bunbury, who was so seriously ill. All she cared about was her having meals with her friends and relatives. She is such a mean lady. Ass for her body figure, she would be the kind of woman who looks tricky and mean with a pair of old-fashioned glasses, through wich she sees everything so thoroughly. And her hair is kind of like dark starting to turn gray. She must dress herself very decently to let others know that she is a rich woman in the high society. Her daughter, too, would be dressed like a rich young girl whom every man would want to go after. She must be a bimbo who doesnˇ¦t think often or at all. She can be pleased just by a lot of men going after her. I really like none of the characters in this script. No one seems to me a good person. Even the friendship between Jack and Algy is kind of based on teasing each other. How wierd! Iˇ¦m sure they arenˇ¦t really good friends. They just try to look like as if they were so that they could bring each otherˇ¦s secrets to light. To picture their figures, Algy must be dressed more luxurious and more decent than Jack, who is originally from the country. Jack would still preserve some kind of naiveness so he wouldnˇ¦t dress himself up like those city people.


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