Journal of the second act

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Journal of the second act
From this act one, the setting is no longer limited in the apartment. Instead, both inside and outside the mansion are of the same importance. Unlike the metropolitan area of the act one, the setting now is all in the countryside.
Miss Prism is a seemingly very serious person, especially strict on Cecily¡¦s studies, but she still has a frivolous characteristic: when Dr. Chasuble came and spoke metaphorically, Miss Prism was so flattered and made believe that she had a headache after all and taking a walk would do her good. Even people in the countryside are not honest. Their skill in telling lies is almost as good as the city people¡¦s. In this drama, everybody is always telling a lie and not being honest and earnest, not even a respectful tutor. However, we human beings all tell lies from time to time. The author probably wanted to be sarcastic to this big disadvantage of all people. Even the naive country girl Cecily is not earnest. She is kind of tricky that she tells Miss Prism that Dr. Chasuble is here and takes advantage of the ambiguous relationship between Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble to get rid of all the horrid studies for a while.
When Jack came back home, he brought the biggest lie, which was soon brought to light by the presence of his friend from town, Algy, who was here in the country as Jack¡¦s ill brother, Ernest. However, all the people were not overreacting at all. It seems to me that these people were already used to all kinds of lies. Celily was also a bimbo without much brain. She got so interested in Jack¡¦s imaginary brother and once she saw Algy, who claimed to be Ernest, she fell in love with him. And just like Gwendolen, she fell in love with the name ¡§Ernest¡¨, not the person himself. There¡¦s just one word that can describe these two girls, and that is ¡§superficial¡¨. From their appearances, we can say that they are all well-mannered decent young girls from some kind of family with great backgrounds, but actually, they are all so skin deep and seldom use their brains. They judge a person by their emotions and appearances.
Gwendolen and Celicy could even fight for someone that didn¡¦t even exist, Ernest. At first, when Gwendolen saw Cecily, she seemed to be extremely friendly and warm to Cecily, saying ¡§I like you already more than I can say, my first impressions of people are never wrong.¡¨ In fact, she said so without even thinking it. She could suddenly changed her attitude simply because Cecily told her that she was the person who Ernest was engaged to. Gwendolen repeated the whole thing, saying that her first impressions of people are never wrong. It¡¦s just this time she told Cecily that she felt that Cecily was false and deceiful. This transition of attitude really makes her so not worth respecting.
Eventually, all truth would be found out by everyone. And in fact, it was. Now, Cecily and Gwendolen took pity on each other and stood against the tow big liers, Algy and Jack. And now both the men are scolding and blaming each other for the awkward consequence. They never realized that it¡¦s ¡§not being earnest¡¨ to be blamed.


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