The Importance of Being Ernest Act 2

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In this act, I find Algy and Jack are both liars.
At first I think Algy is a good man but as a matter of fact
he is a liar. I do not know why dose Algy disguise himself
as jack's brother, Ernest and goes to visit Cecily. Jack
always says that his brother Ernest is a wicked person.
Cecily is alarmed and happy at the same time because
she has never seen Ernest. Algy falls in love with
Cecily when he sees Cecily. Algy flirtes with Cecily
to express his love. At this time Jack comes back and
dresses on the mourning clothes. Of course, he will tell
a lie. He talks to Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble
that his poor and wicked brother, Ernest is dead in Paris.
Oh! What a big liar he is! All the people go so far as
to believe that there is a person calls Ernest.
Jack is such a double-faced person. When Cecily
talks to him that his wicked brother comes here, he
really gets a surprise. Cecily describes so vivid
and wants Jack to forgive his brother. At that time,
I think that Jack, Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble must
be in a puzzle. I really want to see their faces.
That is so funny! Jack thinks that it is impossible
until he sees Algy. He is angry with Algy, in this way,
Cecily believes Ernest more than ever.
Because Algy loves Cecily, he wants to marry
Cecily. When Cecily tells him that they have been
engaged for the last three month, Algy is also in a
puzzle. Cecily shows her diary to Algy. I think
that Cecily is a funny girl,too. She imagines that
she has a engagement with Ernest then she breaks off
the engagement. The date is also clear in her diary.
I burst into laugh when I read that she breaks off
their engagement. It is a pie in the sky. No wonder
it is difficult to know what on earth does the girls
The atmosphere is higher and higher. When Gwendolen
joins this funny situation, we can expect what will happen.
Gwendolen meets Cecily and says her first impressions of
people are never wrong. She praises Cecily for her
sweet name. Until they make some misunderstandings,
Gwendolen says "from the moment I saw you I distrusted
you." She feels that Cecily is false and deceitful.
What a horrible girl she is ! Her attitude changes
so fast. As I say, it is difficult to know what the
girls think.
It becomes more interesting when Jack and Algy
come. Although they understand what matter does it ,
they must face another big problem. How do they explain
this event and how does the plot develop? We will
wait and see. In my opinions, we must be careful
about the relations between men and women.


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