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Act II
In act two we see that Algernon went to Jack's house. The reason of these is because he wanted to play a joke in his house but who knows he met Jack's ward Cecily. In this act we can see that Algernon lie to Cecily saying that his name is Ernest, brother of Jack. This made Cecily feel love for this name. I see that this is the same feeling as Gwendolen had in act one. She also liked the name Ernest. Later in the act we see that the two ladies met, and both of them had in mind that they were engage with Jack's brother whose name is Ernest. Before this there is an argument between Jack and Algernon. Because Algernon came to Joe's house without his permission and also because he used the name he had invented.
When both ladies realize that both of them were engaged with the same person there was a conflict among them. At this moment Jack and Algernon came to the garden and saw the two lovely ladies. This part is my favorite part, first Gwendolen asked Jack if he was engaged with her and not with Cecily at this moment Cecily was doing the same with Algernon then they figure it out that Jack was Gwendolen's Ernest while Algernon was Cecily's Ernest. There after both of them asked their real name. The cruel truth they found out was that the man this two ladies were engage was only an imagination because this man didn't exist. Both of them found out in what position they were so they left the garden. At this moment Jack and Algernon went back to the house and began to discuss about this problem of the name Ernest. Meanwhile Algy was eating the muffins. Jack tried to kick Algy out of his house but Algy insisted that he wanted to have dinner at Jack's house before leaving. At this moment he told that he would ask Dr Chasuble to christened him with the name of Ernest. This made Algy felt like he also needed to be christened with the name of Ernest.
In this act the humor is easier to understand. First we found that Dr Chasuble who is a priest, he is fooling Miss Prism, how could a priest do it, and also when Cecily tells Dr Chasuble that Miss Prism had a headache and Miss Prism denies it but when the priest was leaving she admitted.
The funniest part in this act was when Jack came back to his house earlier than he had thought, he met Dr Chasuble at the front door. He imitated to be sad saying that his brother was dead and that he wanted to be buried in Paris. At this moment Cecily came out and told Jack that his brother was in the living room. How embarrassing Jack looked.
The name Ernest might have come from the word "Earnest" which could either mean serious or guarantee. I think the play wants it to mean serious because while in the play is silly and funny, it is making the whole play look so dumb and stupid that make you realize that being serious in the society is very important. The way Gwendolen and Cecily act when the met was also very silly. First they call themselves sister but minutes after they began to argue and act like enemies. Later they are friends again isn't it silly?
By reading the second act I can rarely guess the ending or the beginning of Act III. I think that it would start by showing how the name Ernest is going to be deleted and then Cecily will marry Algy and Gwendolen will marry Jack but in between this there is going to be a conflict. Jack will oppose Cecily's marriage with Algy. Meanwhile Lady Bracknell will oppose on Gwendolen marriage with Jack. And the last there will be a trade Cecily for Gwendolen.


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