the journal of the Act Two

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The Journal of The Act Two
1. Cecily seems not like to get intellectual pleasure, especially from German grammar. She quite knew that German grammar makes her look plain. Miss Prime thinks that watering flowers is a utilitarian occupation that Cecily should not do it. What she should do is to get intellectual knowledge. Miss Prism has the responsibility to obey her master's order. She always takes Cecily's guardian as an excuse to enforce Cecily's study. Miss Prism has the same point of view as Jack does. She thinks that German lesson is very important. In Cecily's opinion, she thinks her Uncle Jack is so serious that he can't be quite well. However, in Miss Prism's opinion, she thinks that it is suitable for Jack to behavior like that. Cecily also agrees that Miss Prism can have a good influence over Uncle Jack's brother, Ernest, however, Miss Prism disobeys the command. She said that she couldn't affect an irretrievably weak man. They also have the different point of view about keeping a diary. Miss Prism thinks that diary is like our memories which we always carry with us. On the contrary, in Cecily's opinion, she keeps a diary because she is afraid of forgetting everything. She wants to keep the wandering secrets of her life. I think in their conservation I can be easy to discovery their different point of view. They both always stand up for different ideas. They never have the same view. Judging from the conservation between Cecily and Algernon, I can know that Cecily hates hypocrisy and proud people. In her opinion, proper manner and keeping a business engagement are very important.
2. The lie will almost revealed when Jack said his brother died but Algernon pretended Jack's brother, Ernest, to visit his cousin. How would it become possible that one appeared somewhere when someone said that he died at the same time? It is easy for everybody to find the lie. As far as Algernon and Jack are concerned, it is a narrow escape owing to their lies. After that, a good play will be on the stage. Here come two Ernest. One engaged with Cecily, and the other engaged with Gwendolen. In fact, there is no one whose name is called Ernest. At the beginning, the two young ladies believed that they are the one who will marry Ernest. Therefore, they are easy to quarrel from jealousy. Finally, they realized that a gross deception has been practiced on both of them. They took pities on themselves. How are Jack's and Algernon's lies revealed in this Act? Besides the front part, I think the main reason is because that if Algernon never went to visit Cecily, the truth won't be burst out. If Cecily and Gwendolen never meet each other, perhaps Jack and Algernon will get good marry in their life without letting their lie be known. How do they react to the farcical revelation? They sighed about such a ghastly thing. Jack blames Algernon that it is Bunburying, what he called. Algernon doesn't think it is so serious a thing. He takes it as a wonderful Bunbury, which he has never had in his life. Algernon thinks that everyone has a qualify to go anywhere one likes to go, so it is necessary to play the Bunburying trick. He thinks that it is very serious to discuss the meaning of Bunbury, however, Jack does not agree it. Algernon asked Jack what on earth he is serious about. For himself, he is exactly serious about the Bunbury. He guesses that Jack might be serious about everything, thus life will be very boring.
3. How does the issue of name (Ernest) get complicated or more "serious" in this Act? I think to be a Bunbury is not an easy task. It takes energy to create some excuses to explain the self-contradictory. The author made up a fictional character, Ernest, to make the drama become more complicated. Even it needs not a real actor to play for the character, but in readers' minds, Ernest has caused a deep impression on readers' minds. Sometimes if the author did not describe clearly, we may get confused about which Ernest is now the actor plays. I think it is serious for us to ponder if we also can leave ourselves a room to be a Bunbury for pleasure.
4. I think Gwendolen is good at toadying but she is easy to envy other people. On the contrary, in my opinion, Cecily seems to be so generous that she can tolerate other person's criticism. In Cecily's opinion, if someone wants to speak other people's evils, go ahead and be frank in front of the person. When they want to get a proof of whom Ernest was engaged to, generally speaking, their manner is somewhat polite. Sometimes they use an irony to retort the other's statements. Gwendolen said that she would go to rescue Ernest because he got into somebody's trap. This can show that Gwendolen is full of the sense of justice. However, Cecily is more considerate. She won't blame Ernest whether he got into something out of luck or not.


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