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Journal--- The importance of being Earnest (Act Two)
In act two, two women appear, they*re Cecily and Ms. Prism. Ms. Prism is Cecily*s teacher, teaches her several subjects and etiquette. Through their conversation, we can see that Ms. Prism is a serious woman. Her attitude toward life is strict, she thinks that Cecily shouldn*t do common things like watering flowers. She thinks what ladies should do is get knowledge, so she calls German grammar "intellectual pleasures". The kind of people she admires are those who with high sense of duty and responsibility. Her values also can be seen though that she thinks the good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. Her thought is just like a line, a line that separate good and bad clearly. In the contrast, Cecily is really like a little girl. She doesn*t like to do lessons, she hates everything that is good in her teacher*s eyes. Her attitude toward life is more relaxed and easy. And she is with the quality of being romantic that every teen girls may have. So she keeps writing something in her diary, tries to keep something special and secret. She*s really a little girl. When Algy comes, what she cares about is that if he is really a bad man, or just the same as others. Her conversation with Algy makes me think that she*s really unlike an eighteen-year-old girl. When Cecily met Gwendolen, everything becomes more interesting. In the beginning, they seem to be very good, as if they*re old friends. Cecily is still unreserved and we can see Gwendolen is still with her quality of being a little conceited. When Cecily talked about Gwendolen*s lover, she reveals her envy and tells Cecily directly. Notice that when Cecily tells Gwendolen that "Earnest" is going to be her husband, she is "rather shy and confidingly". She really thinks that Gwendolen*s her friend. Notice their expression and gesture the writer shows us, we can find that Gwendolen is "quite politely, satirically, with elaborate politeness, in a bored manner ."
Here, Gwendolen gradually reveal her manners and personality . Her sincerity is not comes from her heart, it comes from her high-class consciousness, that she should be polite. I*ve just seen "Titanic" and I was given a deep impression. Those nobles care much about their external, but there*s nothing inside them. It*s really horrible. And Cecily is more natural on the contrast. It*s easy to her to believe someone and very soon she take the one as her confidant. When she is happy, she makes other knows; when she is angry, she won*t conceal it.
In Act Two, the revelation of Jack and Algy*s lies seem to be the most interesting part. Algy is Earnest and Jack is Earnest, too. But in fact the man has never existed. Both Jack and Algy are kind of "Bundury", but obviously their motives are not the same. Jack lies because he wants to be a good example; but Algy lies because he wants to be more free, to be able to do anything he wants to do. Jack even says that he would kill his brother after he marries Gwendolen, but Algy says that he will keep having his friend forever. As a result, as their lies are revealed, their responses are quite different. Jack worries much about it, but Algy seems not care much about it. So, "when Jack groans, and sinks into a chair, Algy continues eating." It*s really funny. I don*t know which one is worthy commending. The life Algy lives seems to be more comfortable(I envy him a little, for his carelessness to everything), but what Jack responds is accepted by most people. Anyway, at the end of the Act, the thing seems not go too bad. And, another interesting thing: what on earth does the Earnest represent in the drama? In Act one, the name is simple, it represents Jack*s brother, who is not so good. But in Act two, the issue of name get serious. Both Cecily and Gwendolen like name "Earnest" very much. As the result, the two men who love them want to get the name. To them, the name is very important, it decides if they can marry their lovers. To me, it*s really absurd. Their love is really childish, I even doubt if they know what love is. How can a name represent everything? Just like how can social status, wealth, and fame represent everything? I think the protagonists of the play are all a little strange and interesting. They*re funny, but in one way they*re poor, too. In Act two, thing goes more interesting, I think. It tells us more about the protagonists* personality, each of them is quite different. Somehow it makes me think of what my senior high school teacher told me:
every student in Wesley is a treasure for we are all unique." Anyway, I expect the interesting end Act three will give me.


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