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Joyce Lee(05)
Journal on Act 2
I found that act 2 is more interesting and sillier than act 1. The actions and conversations between the characters are really stupid and make me burst into laugh. I think there are two funniest and silliest situation in act two. Algy came to Jack*s house in country, he told Cecily that he was Earnest, brother of Jack. Cecily believe at last. But at the same time, Jack came back without knowing Algy was in the house. So he pretended that Earnest was dead. Then Algy, Cecily's Earnest, appeared. That's really embarrassed. Another funny situation was that when Cecily and Gwendolen met. They argued over their man, Earnest. But at last, they found out that this man, Earnest have not exist. I think after reading act 2, I get more interested in this play although it is really ridiculous and amazing.
From the beginning of act 2, I can find out that Mrs. Prims and Cecily are totally different. I think Mrs. Primes is a serious woman. On the other hand, Cecily is really a na*ve but unrealistic girl. Mrs. Primes concerned about what Cecily have learned and she really admired Jack for he was really responsible for Cecily's education. But Cecily thought that Jack was too serious. Although Mrs. Primes is a serious woman, she still has her weakness. While Cecily told Chasuble that Mrs. Primes has a headache, she denied first. But when Chasuble was going to leave, she had a headache again. That's really silly.
Cecily loved Earnest, Algy, before she met him for his "saint" name. I think this is really a stupid thing. How can a woman loves man just because his name? Actually, both Jack and Algy are not earnest, they are big lairs. Jack and Algy are also silly characters. Algy came to Jack's house only wants to make joke of Jack*s lies. But at last, he wanted to be Earnest for Cecily only loved man whose name is Earnest.
Another character in this act is Gwendolan. Actually I think the writer use her action and words to make fun of her, the upper class. When she met Cecily, she pretended to be a good friend of Cecily, so did Cecily. But when they are talking about Earnest, they became mad. They both said that they have engaged to "Earnest". Although Gwendolan was really angry. She still behave herself and pretend well-mannered, she thought. I think she thought that she was in a higher status than Cecily, so she couldn't get angry with such a "lower class" person. She looked down upon Cecily. But I can imagine her facial expression, it is really funny. Actually she was angry but she can express only for the traditional, "noble", and "proper" manner.
Now I really want to see the end of this play. How these silly , funny characters ended the play? What happened to Mr. "Earnest" ? And how many stupid things will they do? I think in this play we can not only see the ridiculous things but also can think about is it meaningful what they said and done.


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