The Importance Of Being Earnest

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Act I

First of all, I'd like to talk about how important the roles arrangement is in a play. Based on the first act, the main characters
are Algernon , Jack , Gwendolenand Lady Bracknell. They construct the most part of the play while Lane, the servant plays the rest
of it. This is how the whole show presented. Tricky Algernon has a spurious friend named Jack , Mr Earnest Worthing who madly loves a
simple-minded girl Gwendelon while she has a mother who is effected by vanity. Their relationship are subtle, ridiculous, absurd and
unbelievable! That's the main point Oscar Wilde used to compose this silly play. He exhausted all his ability to make fun of the
upper class in old society. They look noble, elegant, all obey the tradition rules by their graceful conduct and conversation. However,
their thought, their standard are all nonsensical. It is trmendously, completely sarcastic and ironic.

I don't really want to criticize the roles in the play. But in my opinion, they are all effected by vanity. They concealed their
real personality and acted totally the opposite outside. Algernon and Jack both created a role -- Earnest and Bumbury -- who does
not exist in this world at all. They both use their brother, theirfriend to make excuses for their absence and also escaped from the
environment full of liar. Then, they made another environment full of liars. It is absolutely a vicious circle, a puzzle, a swamp
that they can never get rid of it. They deceive themselves, they deceive people around them. It is a trap which they could never
resist.Gwendelon seems to be a cute, charming girl who is wholeheartedly crazy for her love. But I found it was the name Earnest falls
in love with her. Jack himself is nothing but a shell to her. She only cares about the name, the fame and her ignorance can not hide
anymore at this time. In contrast, her mother, Lady Bracknell put much more emphasis on how wealthy the candidate who would like to
marry her daughter is. I can't help laughing and scratching my head at the same time when I learned her point of view. It is snob
and greed I can observe from her words to describe her personality. I think she can NOT wait to flatter and say compliment as much as
she can to those who hold power and authority in the societ. It wasn't their fault that such a disgraceful phenomenon exists generation
by generation. They weren't born to be liars. They were effected by the previous society, the atmosphere. Now I can feel how horrid
and powerful the influence of society is. Nowadays I still can find this kind of people easily and large amount of them. I must express
my sympathy to them. They just lost their mind and don't know what they are doing.

I'm interested in the conversation how Jack offends the name inscribed inside his cigar case to Algernon and also the words between
Lady Bracknell and him in this act. These sections are indeed funny and interesting. It is not like the traditional slapsticks we used
to see before. It was the language utself. We don't have to know what gesture they are now, what motion they move. We can clearly discover
their emotion by their words. Language is a tool that we must use it very careful. It helps, praise people but also kill people. It
changes people's thought a lot. We, readers, are always influenced by the writer who own the original idea. It is so important that
how we receive, understand the whole message that the writer sent. We must think the whole thing over and check every item out. I'm
eager to read the following act.


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