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In the second act, something very

interesting happened! Dr. Chasuble is a priest,

and he is flirting with Miss Prism. Cecily, like

we young people, doesn't enjoy dull courses at

all. And she thinks Jack is only a boring fellow.

So Cecily tells Dr. Chasuble that Miss Prism had

a headache and Miss Prism disagrees with it at

first. But when Dr. Chasuble was leaving she

admitted that she did have a headache and went for

a walk with him. Then Jack came back to his house

he met "the couple" at the front door. He pretended

to be very downhearted saying that his brother was

dead and he wanted to bury his dear brother in

Paris. At this very moment Cecily came out and told

Jack that his brother was here! How embarrassing!

When Jack knew that he had a new brother, he was

so amazed. And there is an argument between Jack

and Algy, for he came to Jack's house without his permission and also because he used the name Jack had created. But Algy enjoyed it very much! He had "thick" skin and didn't afraid anything. However, Cecily asked Jack to shake hands with "Ernest." She even insisted! As you can see, it was a big lie but nobody figured that out! Why? Maybe they were just silly people.

Cecily met Algy and fell in love with "his name!"

Not his real name, but "Ernest" again! It's so

funny that each girl likes this name. "You must

not laugh at me, darling, but it had always been

a girlish dream of mine to love some one whose

name was Ernest." Cecily also loved his hair!

"What an impetuous boy he is! I like his hair so

much. I must enter his proposal in my diary."

That's ridiculous! To love a person's hair?

Cecily also had control over Algy. She told him

that they have been engaged for last three months.

Algy didn't object. Cecily wrote some love letters

as well. Algy just accepted all Cecily said.

There was a surprise! Gwendolen came to

Jack's house to visit him. At first, they are

very polite to each other. "What a sweet name!

Something tells me that we are going to be great

friends. I like you already more than I can say.

My first impressions of people are never wrong."

Hypocrisy I say! And minutes later they began to

argue and fight with each other for "Ernest."

None of them is "earnest." What's more, this man

even did not exist! But later they are friends

again after knowing that they both be cheated.

Isn't it absurd?

The most amusing thing is that Jack and Algy both

said, "What could have put such an idea into your

pretty little head?" They finally figured it out

that Jack was Gwendolen's Ernest and Algy was Cecily's

Ernest. Well, now Jack and Algy were in soup!

But Algy was eating the muffins! "When I am in

trouble, eating is the only thing that consoles me."

He sure is eating all the time!

The only solution now is to change their names

into "Ernest." Poor guys, they did anything to

win their lovers' hearts!


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