Journal of Act 2

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1.In act 2, Cecily and Ms. Prism showed up for the first time;
through their conversation, I found out that Cecily talked much
than Ms. Prism. Maybe that's because of their different age and
position: Cecily was young and was taken care in rich family
while Ms. Prism was the one who taught Cecily all the things,
so it's obviously Ms. Prism always talked seriously and responsiblely.
In Cecily's conversation with Algernon, I found out that Cecily
didn't like others to treat her as a child, so she always told
others" I am not little at all !! " and acted like a adult. Besides,
she hated people talking or acting hypocritically and thought that
when people did that, they must have some bad purposes--just like
Gwendolen's thought.On the other hand, Cecily showed her value of
the name" Ernest "; She thought that men were always attractive
and inspired absolute confidence, she would like to marry whoever
was called "Ernest".
2.Jack's and Algy's lies were revealed when Gwendolen and Cecily
argued on the name and the men they have engaged with. The plots
were arranged interestingly because both Gwendolen and Cecily loved
the two guys ust for their names; both Jack and Algy lied to their
lovers with the same name and the same way.So when Gwendolen and
Cecily asked the answer for sure, Jack's and Algy's lies were revealed.
Although their lies were revealed, they still didn't give up their
dreams of marrying Gwendolen and Cecily. Actually, I think they didn't
really want to marry them but just wanted to have compititions with
each other. Sometimes their purpose or actions were funny because they
were adults but acted like children. For example, at the end of Act 2,
they even argued on muffins, so I think they just took "marriage" as a
3.When Cecily and Gwendolen met each other for the first time, both of
them showed extremely politeness and had nice first impression to each
other. However, Gwedolen changed her impression of Cecily after she knew
Cecily have lived with Ernest for years; also Cecily less and less manners
to Gwendolen when she knew Gwendolen was engaged with Ernest. Although
they didn't like each other later, they still tried to kept their
manners--but not sincerely. They always talked sarcastically to each other
and candidly.Through their dialogue, I could see their personalities:both
of them were a little bit proud and conceited of themselves; they thought
they were well-educated and smart, so they didn't want to show their anger
directly at first.But I think Cecily was indeed more childish than Gwendolen
because she tricked Gwendolen through putting much sugar in her cup that
Gwendolen disliked.
Act 2 is more interesting than Act 1, I think.The plots were like one of
Shakespere's drama( I forgot its name ),and the personalities of those
characters are obviously viewed,so I think I'll keep reading it happily!


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