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Introduction to literature
Journal for the second act of "the Importance of being Earnest"
The plot of second act has a more ridiculous development . Oscar Wilde seems to want bring all elements of disaster together: Algy pretended to be the wicked Ernest to seduce the little Cecily , who thought of herself as a savior . Jack met his dead brother Ernest (Algy) and couldn't help but let plan of burying the fake character postponed and continued the lie . The acquaintance of Cecily and Gwendolen is more funny . When realizing that they both seemed to fall in love with a man called Ernest , the beginning compliment soon became sarcastic attack toward each other . What is more , the relationship between Miss Prism and Rector Chasuble is quite ambiguous . When one went a step ahead , the other withdrew.
And each character in the play all has his (her) own philosophy of living . For example , Cecily is the kind of girl who got addicted to the fantastic world she created . It seems that she's a conservative traditional good girl on the surface , but inside her mind , she seemed to have become that kind of girl who had read "Wuthering Heights" for million times .
In the Victorian period , everything related to sex is regarded as a taboo . But this kind of oppression didn't modify people's behavior better , instead made them more deformity-like . People intended to talk about love gracefully like noble people , no matter how the content was ridiculous . Maybe it's because women were over-restricted by waist bands and thus developed a hysteric and queer personality .
And as for Wilde, maybe it's because the common etiquette that made him self-reliant and incompatible with that world . In a time when talking about sex is a taboo , how could the society allow the existence of homosexuals ?


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