The Importance of Being Earnest----Act 2

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Ms. Prism is like Cecily's mother. She cares Cecily
very much. She wants Cecily to study German earnestly
because it is a useful language. But in some ways
she is so serious and a little resists her opinions.
For instance, she coesn't think that keeping a diary
is a good habit. In contrast, Cecily thinks it is
the best way to let her remember all the joyful and
sorrowful time. Their opinions about a novel's
endding are extremely different. Ms. Prism likes
happy endding while Cecily likes bad one. Some of
their conversations are quite interesting. For
example, when Mr. Chasuble came to their house,Cecily
kidded Mr. Prism with a humorous tone. We can see
clearly that they are like mother and daughter and
sometimeslike good friends. Cecily doesn't judge
a person by by his looks for she believes that Ms.
Prism says good looks are a snare. She likes all
elegant things, including the name "Ernest."
The lie of Ernest is revealed at last. The main
reason is Gwendolen's coming. Both Gwendolen and
Cecily claim Ernest is going to marry them. After
Algernon and Jack come in, everything becomes very
clear. When Gwendolen and Cecily know the truth,
they seem not to accept it. They become the same
alley and go into another room. I think what they
love is the name not the men. It is strange and
funny. Algernon and Jack sarcasm each oother after
the two ladies go out. Jack blame Algernon for his
pretending of Ernest and says he would never marry
Cecily. And Algernon says the same words to Jack.
At the end of the act, they don't make up. In
addition, Algernon eats snacks constantly. Perhaps
he wants to relax himseif. In the meanwhile, Jack
tells him had best to go. I think he is a little
To Jack,the name Ernest is his name in city.
Maybe in that times, names can also stand for
people's status. In the same time, Ernest also plays
a part of Jack's brother. When Algernon knows
things about Ernesst, he preteends he is Ernest
and goes to see Cecily. Booth Gwendolen and Cecliy
love Ernest and when they meet each other, they
start to have some misunderstanding. As a consequence,
the matter becomes more and more complicated. Ernest
pronunciate like earnest. Maybe the first impression
of this name is pretty good.
Between Gwendolen and Cecilly's conversation, I
think they are confident because they are sure they are
that women Ernest wants. They have a little quarrel
afterward and Cecily acts impolite. She doesn't
give food that Gweendolen really wants. So I think
Gwendolen is a much better girl than Cecily.


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