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Act two is more funny and silly.Algernon have come to the country and have pretent to be Ernest and have ask Cecily to engaged with him. Cecily have said the same thing as Gwendolen. " love the name Ernest." At the same time Jack have come back to the country
didn't know Algernon is here and have just said Ernest is dead. Ha! How funny it is, Ernest is dead but now is alive. At the end of act two, when Cecily and Gwendolen have meet, their speaking is very fun too. Although,, Cecily and Gwendolen are mad at each other
when mistaken, they still have their lady's manner. Algernon is a funny actor, at the end of act two, when Cecily and Gwendolen find out they are both not Ernest, Algernon still come down and begin to eat muffins. But Jack is nervous and don't know what to do.
Act two have showed three more main actor. Cecily, Miss Prism, and Chasuble. Their relationship is Miss Prism is Cecily teacher. Chasuble is a prester and his relation with Miss Prism is mystery. It seems like Chasuble like Mis Prism. And Miss Prism like Chasuble,
but they both didn't admit it. Mt image of these main charactor is different from the film. My image to Cecily is a very young lady with long beautiful hair,tall and thin, sweet smile always hang on her face. She wear casel clothes like pants, boot like a boy clothing
She is very smart, respect very fast, but she won't think thing in detail. She is also a kind-heart girl with impetuous, dream, romantic.To Miss Prism, she is young about 20~30 years old, ware gold glasses, not fat, not thin, speak with a loud voice, serious, good at
school work, always wear long dress. And for Chasuble, he is more oldersomething about 27~40 years old, have gentleman manner sometimes, most of him is fun and use to make other laugh.He is well educated, with alot of knowedage. He use to wear chasuble, but sometimes
gentleman suit. Actually, he can't be such fun because he is a prester. He must be more serious, and have to act more holy.
Chasuble and Miss Prism both are serious to marrrage. Miss Prism said " no married man is atractive except to his wife" THis mean that Miss Prism think man should have one lover only. But for Chasuble, he is a prester, so he can not be married. Not because he don't
have a lover, is because the precept of the Primitive Church against married.
Cecily and Gwendolen is those who never admit lose. Their mouth is strong and powerful, and they have to make themself win. In faceing marrage. Gwendolen is more powerful, like a man. She have to take control of everything. She needed her husband to listen to her, and do what
she said. But for Cecily, I think she is less poewrful, she is very smart, that she used words or trick to make man be control by her. Like before she have just broke off her engagement and this action make Algernon scared that she will do it again.
Act two end in mystery spot, which reader have to guest what did Jack and Algernon explain to Gwendolen and Cecily. How Jack and Algernon claim dowm their lover. I think act three must be the most intrested part. From act one and act two I still can't see the title yet.


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