Act two

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The plot of this act is more complicated and funny than act one. There appeared more characters and they made many comic atmospheres, such as the relationship between Ms. Prism and Chasuble, Cecily's conversation with Algernon, the conversation between Jack and Algernon, the manner between Gwendolen and Cecily and the name about Ernest, etc.
At the beginning, during the conversation between Ms.Prism and Cecily, we know the Ms. Prism was Cecily's tutor. She was a well learned woman and quite responsible. She cared about Cecily's study, but Cecily paid no attention in it. Cecily was sweet girl, while sometimes she was quite naughty. For example, she didn't want to study and when she saw Mr.Chasuble while she was studying with Ms.Prismm, she told Chasuble that Ms. Prism had a headache and said that she needed a walk with him. She knew Ms. Prism would go with Chasuble so that she could got red of her horrid study. Actually, Ms. Prism has gone with Chasuble because she wanted to have a time with him. That's quite funny when Ms. Prism and Chasuble talked to each other about marriage, they used some metaphors to express their feeling, and according to their conversation we know that they loved each other as well and Cecily knew that very well. Ms. Prism was a responsible tutor, when she went out with Chasuble, she also bid Cecily to study the Political Economy. However, Cecily did not obey her.
Algernon and Jack were also telling a big lie and their lies were very absurd and were discovered at the end. When Jack came back to the country, he didn't know Algernon had arrived and even pretended his brother (Ernest). He told Ms. Prism and Chasuble about his brother. He said his wick brother was die in overseas. His gesture was so sad and true that they believed him and also comforted him. Jack was very clever, he said his brother died in Paris so that they could not see the body of his brother and never discover his lie. However, when Cecily told him that his brother had arrived there and after he discovered that his brother was Algernon, he was so surprised and his manner and gesture turned angry to Algernon immediately. He didn't expect that Algernon would be there and also he was angry that Algernon had pretended his brother without telling him before. Being angry, Jack could not reveal Algernon's identity for he was telling lie about his brother to everyone. If he broke out Algernon's lie also that would broke out his lie. So he could only talked to Algernon privately and asked him to leave at once. Because of loving Cecily, Algernon would not go and continue his gesturing.
That's very funny, while Jack and Algernon were cheating their lover that their names called Ernest. Actually none of them were, so they wanted to christen and both of them to ask Chasuble for help. As Jack had told Gwendelon that his country address, Gwendelon went to country and found Jack. When she reach there and met Cecily, at the beginning, they were very friendly and their manners were so good and polite. They called each other 'Gwendelon' and 'Cecily' as they were very familiar. When they knew that their lover called Ernest during the conversation, their friendly manner changed very at once. Gwendolen called Cecily not 'Cecily' but Miss Cardew and also Cecily called her Miss Fairfax. They seemed to be very strange then and they became dislike each other and even at the end, they bickered. Then, they are not friends but enemies. At the beginning, Gwendolen said her feeling told her that she and Cecily would be good friends but after knowing their lovers, Gwendolen said she felt Cecily were false and deceitful and also said her feeling never wrong and that's quite comic. Both of them were afraid of losing their lover, the man who called Ernest they knew. Either of them was calm enough to check out if their lovers were the same person, they hated each other. But that's not their fault, no woman would like to share her man with others. While they were quarrelling, Jack and Algernon came back. By the time, all the lies were discovered. Gwendelon and Cecily were cheated for there was no Ernest at all. Their hates disappeared and they became pitied each other, then they became friendly again. After that, Jack and Algernon began to blame each other. Actually, they can't blame anyone but themselves because all the troubles were caused by their lies.


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