The Importance of Being Earneat -act 2

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Act 2 is much splendid than act 1. and I surely laughted often when I read it.
Such a comedy is composed of coincidences, so it's very exaggerate and even preposterous.
Act 2 was an extentension of act 1. Because the maon characters' relationship and
background were already introduced in act 1, Oscar wilde can explain more details so
there also can be more variations in act 2.
How can one love another just because of his name? (Although actually "Erneat"
is not a bad name.) Much coincident was that not only Gwendolen but also Cecily did
such a silly thing. If Jack and Algy didn't tell lies that Gwendolen and Cecily would
no longer love them? It's so ridiculous. The name "Cecilly" appeared in act 1 and
there was a foreshadowing. For example, in act 1, Jack mentioned that "Cecilly is
a little too much interested in him.( Ernest )". It's not hard to associate with
something in thinking that Cecilly will fall in love with Ernest. There was another
example, in the end of the first act, "Algy has been carefully listening, smiles to
himeself, and writes the adress on his shirt-cuff. Then picks up the Railroad Guide."
We can forecast that Algy will call on Jack in the country. In act 2, when Algy said
himeself was Ernest, the brother of Jack, who came from London. But no longer,
Jack wore mourning clothes and said it's because his brother died. How ironic it is?
And the lies between Jack and Algy were worthing suspecting. Untill Gwendolen met
Cecily, the lies were going to be exposed. I thought it's the climax in act 2.
In order to patch up a lie told, both Jack and Algy made arrangements with Dr. Chasuble
to be christened under the name of Ernest. And each of them scolded the other shouldn't
tell a lie. Also they neither wanted to tell the truth to their lovers nor felt regreetful
for their lies. Instead, in order to make their original lies become successful ones, they
had to tell more lies constantly. They considered themselves were so smart that no one
could find anything wrong from their perfect lies. The relationship between other characters
were also absurd. It's a contrast between Cecilly and Miss Prism. The relationship between
Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble was suspect and strange. Miss Prism gave Chasuble an ambigulous
hint between their conversation. Although both of them were already in their middle age,
their conversation was like young guys who are interested in each other. To sum up,
all the relationship between them are very interesting.


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