Drama 2

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Ms. Priam had very high moral standard. She
despised idle and wicked people such as Earnest,
the imaginary brother of Jack. She tried to keep
apart from them and in her opinion, man like
Earnest was born wicked and would never be able to become good.
On the contrary, Cecily had a kind of affection
to wicked people. Although she acted as if she
could not stand Earnest*s weakness, she was quite
interested in him and had even fell love with him
just by hearing the bad comments about him.
However, she did not approve Earnest*s weakness
and, unlike Ms. Prism, Cecily believed Earnest
could be reformed to be good.

Jack and Algy*s lies were revealed because of
the coming of Gwendolen. She met Cecily at Jack*s
home and both women claimed to be engaged with
Earnest. Then Jack and Algy came. By then, the
two ladies realized that neither Jack nor Algy was
called Earnest so they left angrily for being
After the girls* leaving Jack blamed and sneered
at Algy for his impossibility of bunburying again.
But immediately Algy reminded Jack that he was not
in a better position either because he too wouldn*t
be able to go to town again whenever he wanted to.
Jack seemed to be more perplexed with the situation
while Algy didn't seemed to be very concerned
about it in comparison with his friend. Algy just
started eating again the muffins.

In act II, Algy went to meet Cecily pretending
to be Jack*s imaginary brother Earnest. At once,
he fell in love with Cecily and learned that she
too had dreamed to marry a man of the name Earnest
and wouldn*t be able to give Algy her complete
love if he wasn*t called Earnest. Therefore, the
need of being Earnest get more complicated and
serious. As a result, both Jack and Algy wanted
to be christened again under the name of Earnest.

At first, when Gwendolen met Cecily, they both
showed great affections to each other. They soon
called each other by the first names to give more
familiarity. But when Gwendolen found out that
Cecily was Mr. Worthing*s ward, she started to be
critical and showed her hostility towards the
young girl until Cecily told her that her guard
was actually Earnest*s (Algy) brother. However,
when Gwendolen and Cecily learned that they both
were engaged with Earnest, their attitude became
unpolite and indignant. And even the address
changed from the first name to the last name.
Finally, when they realized that they had been
cheated by Jack and Algy, the two women became
allies again and called sister to each other.
From their false display of affection, we see how
hypocritical they were. Actually, there were many
similarities between the two of them. Apart from
their preference for the name Earnest, they were
both brainless for both fell in love with Earnest
before knowing him just because of the name.
Another funny thing was that both showed their
diary to prove their engagement with Earnest as if
the dairy was a strong evidence for the fact.
What*s still more ironic was that the dairy here
in the text was not truthful at all for Cecily
even made up stories about herself and Earnest in
the dairy.


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