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Dear Ray:
I'm very sorry! Because I was sick this Tuesday. So I didn't
go to class to hand in my journal. I am sorry for that. Below is
my on-line journal for Act 2.

The Importance of Being Earnest- Act 2
In act 2, the scene became to play outside first. Cecily was a girl
with fantastic and romantic ideas. But her private teacher,
Miss prism, is a woman had traditional thoughts. She asked Cecily
just to did her lessons well and did not imagine something
unrealistic. From the conversation between Cecily and Miss Prsim, we
can know that Cecily was a smart and a little mischievous young lady.
She teased Miss Prism and Dr Chasuble. And there were something
strange between Miss Prism and Dr Chasuble. Miss Prism seemed to like
Dr chasuble much and encouraged him to end the celibacy. Cecily was
a naive young lady, too. When Jack saw Algy and he became angry,
Cecily didn't find something wrong. Because why Jack should be very
happy when he saw his "brother"- Ernest came to visit him. Cecily
was serious to make the reconciliation. Then there was one thing
more interesting. Cecily also loved Algy because of his name-
"Ernest". This was like Gwendolen who loved Jack becuase of the
name "Ernest". What a interesting thing two women just loved the
name "Ernest". But the men they fell in love with were not earnest.
They were the men of the story of Bunburing created by themselves.
However, the name " Ernest" was so important and meaningful for
women at that time. They all liked the name, but they all not
concern the man whetherhe was earnest or not. Algy was a man
really fond of eating. When he met Cecily at first time. He also
hungry and he asked for something to eat. And when Jack asked
Algy to leave, he also insist that he had to go after dinner.
Even Jack and him was exposed their real identity, Algy still
kept eating muffins. He was always eating. This act also discribed
the delicate relationship between two women, Cecily and Gwendolen.
When they met each other first, they admired each other much.
After that, they begun to say something to hurt another when they
found that they all engaged to the same "name". Then when they
knew that Jack and Algy cheated them, they became the same group
finally. This drama becomes more interesing from this act.


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