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The climax of the whole story happens in Act Two: Jack and Algy were found lying in order to marry Gwendolen and Cecily.
In the beginning of Act Two, Miss Prism and Cecily showed up. To me, they are pretty different from each other. Being active, a little bit naughty and fantastic is Cecily*s characteristic, but contrarily, being conservative, principled and realistic is Miss.Prism*s. In appearance, of course, Cecily is young and pretty but Miss.Prism is old ,but both of them are looking forward to being loved. I think Algy loved Cecily at first sight, and that changed him a lot: he was very positive to try his best to flatter Cecily in order to make her like him instead of having light attitude toward love. But I think Cecily was in love with him out of her own imaginary figure toward Jack*s brother. He had become her idol in the subconscious. Her imagination was so vivid that she can*t help falling in love with Jack. But I don*t think Cecily loved real Algy, she even didn*t know him; she must feel Algy was not so bad as Jack said before. According to their conversation, I think Cecily liked her own romantic world not the realistic one because she was still young, and the words she had was childlike.
To me, that really is a coincidence that Algy pretended to be Jack *s brother and Jack said his brother was dead at the same time, and this way, their lies inevitably broke down. At first, Jack showed his anger and embarrassment and still had a little hope that Algy could stop playing such a stupid game, but Algy did not. I think Algy pretended Jack*s brother just for fun in the beginning, and he must not expect that he would fall in love with Cecily. None of them were willing to yield. In many aspects, Algy and Jack were quite the same .
In this play, Oscar Wilde made the name more complicated and serious by relating it to christening and morality. After having something to do with them, the whole issue seems to be not just so funny or surface but gains some solemnity.
At first Cecily and Gwendolen tried hard to be polite and friend to each other when they thought they did not have anything to quarrel for. But when they thought they were enemies, they tried to showed their superiority and still kept lady-like in appearance though actually they wanted to tear each other into pieces. Then when they knew both of them were deceived they allied and consoled each other. I think that is the most common image that woman gave to the audience: being easy to become jealous and hard to give in for their own dignity but apt to flocked together when get hurt out of the same reason.


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