Journal for Act 2

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When I read Act 2, I found some new characters
like Mrs. Prism and Dr. Chasuble appeared in this
Play. Generally Speaking, from the conversation
between Mrs. Prism and Cecily, I found they were
quite different from each other. I think Mrs.
Prism is extremely conservative and has high
moral standard. Therefore, she is very responsible
for teaching Cecily and careful about choosing good
courses for her. Mrs. Prism hopes that Cecily will
get some practical knowledge instead of too emotional
or sensational things from the lessons. For example,
when Mrs. Prism went out with Dr. Chasuble, she reminded
Cecily to read Political Economy and omit the chaprer
on the Fall of the Rupeejust because she thought it
was too sensational. Actually, Cecily always has
conflicts with Mrs. Prism. I think probably Cecily
doesn't like practical things and likes to image
a lot of things. For instance, she doesn't like
to learn German perhaps because German will make
her feel too serious, practical, and even bored.
In addition, I think Cecily hates to study. Thus,
when she saw Dr. Chasuble came, she was very pleasant
and attempted to ask Mrs. Prism to take a walk with
Dr. Chasuble. In this way, she would't have to
study those boring lessons. I think Mrs. Prism
hardly has something in common with Cecily. They
often have different views toward a certain thing.
For example, Cecily keeps a diary in order to enter
the wonderful secrets of her life. But Mrs. Prism
doesn't agree and thinks that Memory is the diary
that we all carried about us.
Besides, I think Mrs. Prism is too conservative
to reveal her love for others.


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