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Journal--- Act 3
As I read Act 3, I finally completely understand why people think "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a comic drama. I think the whole drama is full of sarcasm and is interesting. In Act 3, originally Gwendolen and Cecily are angry with Jack and Algy. However, when they see Jack and Algy eating muffins, it makes Cecily think that they still have repentance. And when Jack and Algy explain to them with some reasons that seem not be so persuasive, they still forgive them. What are these two little woman thinking about? On one hand, they seem to insist something, for example, their dignity, but on the other hand, they forget this easily. The only thing they really care about is their lovers* name. It*s really absurd. Anyway, to the two women, they think baptism is "a terrible thing" and "fearful ordeal". Jack and Algy*s willing to do this for them makes them moving. It*s kind of interesting. They think Christian name as a principle. But, is it really important? If they really think so, then they seem to be the same as Lady Bracknell. They all think love as an exchange. And what*s more absurd, they think "where questions of self-sacrifice are concerned, men are infinitely beyond us." I think it*s irrational and I can explain for this.
Then Lady Bracknell appear again, still with her characteristics of being unkind and snobbish. So she is happy with Bunbury*s death. It*s really cruel. As what she does when she knows Jack wants to marry her daughter, now she inquires Cecily. She asked Cecily;s background, and obviously, she*s not very satisfied, so she wants to leave. But when she knows that Cecily has a big fortune, she sits down again with a kind smile that is completely different from what she does before. So, we can know Lady Bracknell*s value standard--- what she really cares about is money and social status. Cecily doesn*t have any relatives that are in upper class, however, she has a lot of money. So, finally she agree with Cecily*s marriage with Algy.
The end of this drama surprised me. Unexpectedly, Jack is Algy*s brother and his Christian name is really Earnest. Also it*s a little forced, but it*s really a good ending and is correspondent to the title. But I don*t really understand why at last they say: "At last".
What*s the reason that Chasuble accepts Miss Prism? Anyway, I think this drama truly reflect human nature such as selfish, hypocrisy and vanity that can make me moving.


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