Journal for act 3

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When Gwendolen and Cecily knew that for their sake Jack and Algy planned to be

christened as Ernest , they both felt surprised and also happy in their mind. I don't

know what the baptism is like, but according to Gwendolen said," For my sake you are

prepared to do this terrible thing.", and Cecily said," To please me you are ready to face

this fearful ordeal ", I think baptism must be a very afflictive thing. However, both

Jack and Algy have the courage to be christened. In my opinion, they both devoted

themselves to their fiance, and they will do anything for them as long as they can. As you

said, I thought of Algy as a play boy in the beginning; however Algy changed little by

little after he saw Cecily. He turned to be more responsible and romantic in this act.

Maybe it is the powers of love that makes him change.
I think Lady Bracknell's inquiry about Cecily revealed the inner value of her.

The items she put emphasis on were just fame, property, social status and family

background. What she cared about were all skin-deep things. This reminds me the

situation when Lady Bracknell knew her daughter want to marry Jack , She also asked

him these items. But her attitudes toward Jack and Cecily were quite different, especially

when she knew that Cecily was well-off. She treated Cecily in a very tender and friendly

way. She also agreed with Cecily's marriage with Algernon. I consider that she cared

more about Cecily's money than the emotion between Cecily and Algy.

The ending was very farcical because there were so many incredible coincidences.

Firstly, Miss Prism deposited the manuscript in the bassinet and placed the baby in the

hand-bag. Then, after twenty-eight years she find her hand-bag back and also the baby

whose name is Jack now. Secondly, Jack is the son of Lady Bracknell's sister.

Therefore, he really has a brother and his brother is Algy. Thirdly, Jack's Christian

name is really Ernest. So he has been always speaking nothing but the truth.

By the way, I think Jack's calling Miss Prism his mother is because he is eager to have

parents. As long as he finds his parents, he is not orphanage anymore. Then he has

the right to get married with Gwendolen.


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