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Introduction to Literature
journal for the third act of "The Importance of Being Earnest "
Lady Bracknell might be the most fastidious person in the world ! When involving in Jack*s and Cecily*s marriage , she always has endless reasons to complain . It seems that she tried to make herself disliked by every man to build her sacred self-worthiness . However , taking off all the superficial irresistible factors , what she real cares significantly discloses . That is , money . When knowing Cecily has a big fortune , in the instant , she sits down again and praises Cecily as the most beautiful girl , and calls her " dear " and approves of the marriage right away .
So are the young ladies that make me feel unbearable . In the play , they want to be the delicate brainless sweet hearts of their honey . In spite of this , they don*t think they*re foolish , instead , they are quite foresighted and smart in their eyes . They make themselves stupid enough to catch men*s hearts , and finally become those kinds of women like lady Bracknell .
I wonder how feminists would treat this play , since the arrangement of the characters in the play seems to suggest that men are superior to women ( although Wilde might just wanted to show the ridiculousness of that time ) . But I don*t think they should attack the play directly , on the contrary , this play might be a tool encouraging women*s self-awakening . For example , we can find many common gender stereotypes in this play : how a man actively seduced a passive woman ( I still can not positively say their relationships are based on "love" , though Algy*s making commitment of waiting 35 years for Cecily , Jack*s defense for Gwendolen . But what about those sweet and na*ve ladies ? A name ? Maybe it*s some kind of passion .) , and men*s walking about freely , but women must not be alone ( Cecily has Miss Prism , Gwendolen has lady Bracknell ) . And this play offers a clear script of how the culture endows women of their social roles .
Taking off the colored glasses . I think the ending part is just surprising , and surprisingly careless . Everything bumps together at the same time in the end and has their own beautiful results . They all embraces together ( except lady Bracknell ) . Jack has every reason to embrace Gwendolen , Algy and Cecily are OK , but wait a moment , Chasuble and Miss Prism ? Is it right time ? Maybe Wilde intended to stun the readers and reinforce the stage effects by making a powerful ending . And indeed , I almost fainted .


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