Act 3

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The real Ernest appeared in this act, it is very serious of the identity of the real Ernest. Both Jack and Algernon wanted to be Ernest in order to marry their lovers Bwendelon and Cecily. Their christens were silly and absurd I think because they should not be christened so random just for please women. In the dairy life, Jack and Algernon were a powerful, strong and smart man. On the contrary, when they were with their lovers, they changed to be s sheep, lost their powerful quality. Everything were controlled by the girls (Bwendelon and Cecily). They were willing to do whatever they like.
Gwendelon and Cecily were very angry after knowing they were cheated. It is quite funny when they knew that Jack and Algernon were prepared to be christened, they just forgot their dishonest action before because they knew that both of them were going to be Ernest. By the way, they thought that christening was a terrible thing, even it was a fearful ordeal, so Jack and Algernon could be christened for them, they felt very happy.
Gwendelon was a powerful woman, may be she just liked her mother, but she always changed her mind easily. What she said was different to what she did. For example, while she and Cecily were in the drawing-room waiting Jack and Algernon came in, Gwendelon said to Cecily that they would not be the first to speak and Cecily also agreed with her. But when Jack and Algernon came in, they hadn't start to speak yet, Gwendelon broke her promise and started her questions impatiently. Her mother, Lady Bracknell was the most powerful person in this play. She wanted everyone would obey her not only her daughter. In this play, we can see Lady Bracknell was always scorned at the lower class people. She refused Jack and her daughter's marriage was because she thought that Jack hadn't enough quality to marry her daughter for he even did not his identity. She was controlling them, also she was controlling her nephew's marriage. When she knew that Algernon were going to marry a country woman and after she met Cecily and saw her poor simply dress, she was surprised that her nephew was going to marry such a low class country woman. Actually, she did not know Cecily at all, just by her appearance and she thought that she must be a low class poor country woman. She not only disagreed that marriage but also looked down at Cecily. Her action made Jack very angry but he still hid his anger inside his heart. After she knew how much Cecily's fortune was, she changed her manner immediately, just changed into another person. Her words were so tender and always addressed Cecily 'my dear', not only that, but also asked them to marry quickly. Oh, what absurd she was.
Ms Prism's appearing was the most excellent part of this play, because the real Ernest was found out then. Lady Bracknell and Ms Prism knew each other many years ago and there was a important thing happened to Ms Prism. That was she lost Lady Bracknell's nephew when he was a baby. Then when Ms Prism described that happening to Lady Bracknell, everyone pretended did not pay attention to it, but actually everyone were listening carefully, especially Jack. After her explaining, they found that the baby was Jack. Jack was happy that he could find out his identity and he was too happy to ask who were his parents, he embraced Ms Prism and thought that she was his mother, such as a new born chicken or bird. Then ms Prism said she was unmarried, but Jack did not care about it, just wanted to admit his mother. Finally, he know that he was Lady Bracknell's nephews, Algernon's elder brother, so funny. Then after Jack checked out the information of his father and found out he was really called Ernest, naturally was Ernest. He was very happy and also Lady Bracknell did not prevent him and her daughter's marriage. At the end of the play, the three pairs of lovers (Jack and Bwendelon, Algernon and Cecily and Chasuble and Ms Prism) could get together happily. That's very interesting, all Jack's lies came true at the end of this play. His hypothetic brother became his real brother and the name Ernest became his real name.


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