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After I read act 3, I am nearly fainted! How stupid
they are! ( Gwendolen and Cecily )These
two women still act elegantly in appearance, but
they care their lovers in mind very much!Eapecially
, Gwendolen 's words and actions aren't the same.
For example,She said:But we won't be the first to
speak. After that, She asked Mr.Worthing a question.
And Cecily asked Algy a question,too. Algy always
says good words to flirt with Cecily,Of course,
Cecily is so brainless that she accepts the
answer.I think Cecily is also showing off how good
her lover is!Because she still hates Gwendolen .So,
Gwendolen asked:WAs it in order that you that you
might have an opportunity of coming up to town to
see me as often as possible? She also shows off
how deep does Jack love her, she always compares
herself with Cecily and doesn't want to lose her
face!But both of them still care the name,and
these two young guys try to satisfy their lovers.
After they compromise, Lady B comes. Lady B still
refuses Jack's proposal and tries
to insult him.She also looks down on Cecily untill
Jack mentions the money.Lady B chages her attitude
inyo a soft way and praises Cecily . She even consents
to her marriage with Algy.I don't like her,She is so
greedy that she only cares money and people's
background.Chasuble appeared and found the truth
about the background of Jack.I'm fainted about
her carelessness.Finally ,the lie which Jack have
told become true!I'm unbearable to accept this!
Although it's a happy ending story, Wilde presents
some problem in that period of time.For example,
he describes a character who isn't coincident in
appearance and mind,this problem also exists in
our socirety,isn't it?


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