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After reading these three scenes of the play, I found that this play is very realistic and funny. It shows many different aspects of love whatever it is ridiculous, blindness or madness. I'm quite interested in the love between Stanley and Stella for sometimes it seems they love each other very much, but sometimes it doesn't, it seems that Stella loves her husband madly and blindly but Stanley is indifferent. After all, what are their personalities and what on earth their relationship is?
Actually Stanley and Stella are different kinds of people. First, their backgrounds are totally different. According to the first scene, we knew that Stella comes from a higher class but Stanley and his neighbors seem that they are quite poor we can see that their living place is so small and simple and there's no any decorations or beautiful furniture in the house. Second, their personalities are different too. Stanley is a careless, rude man. He doesn't concern his wife very much even she is having a baby and he always speaks and acts loudly that makes the house very noisy. He doesn't know a pregnant woman needs silence and good care. Besides, he is violent, impatient and bad temper. He is a self-center person and controls everything. In my opinion, sometimes I think Stanley is like a master and his wife just a maid, she must obey what he ordered or he will use his violence to punish her. For example, when he was playing poker with his friends at home, he ordered Stella to turn off the radio but she didn't obey him, as a result, she deserved his violence. Maybe he thought that is a kind of authority of a man, a husband, or maybe he only lost his mind at that moment.
I think he is not well educated, perhaps he doesn't like to read. That's why we never see him read or write one time at home, even without reading a newspaper.
On the other hand, Stella is a patient and kind woman and easy going with others. Actually, she doesn't care about Stanley's background and had tolerated his defect very much. She endures her husband's bad hobby-gambling but also realize his bad manner while he is gambling. That's why she went out with Blanche in the gambling night. She is satisfied very easily, just when she is with Stanley, she will be happy. Besides, Stella also is a careful woman and she always concerns others. For example, when she met Blanche she didn't tell her she is having a baby because she doesn't want Blanche worry her. Then, Stella knew that Blanche would not like Stanley's personality and the way he treats her, maybe she will dislike him, so she tried her best to solve this problem. Before Blanche met Stanley, Stella told her the good side of her husband in order to make her sister like him and feel comfortable with him. On the other hand, she told her husband to be polite and gentle with her sister so that they can get along with each other. However, they still have conflicts between each other.
About their love, I think it is no doubt that Stella loves her husband with all her heart. Since she loves him, she didn't care his poor condition and married him. After marriage, in order to adapt his life and make him feel comfortable with her, she must join his group, endure his bad temper and be good and obedient to him. Stanley is a hero in her heart, she not only loves him but also admires him very much. She doesn't think his manner is rude or wild but attractive to her. For example, when Stanley threw the meat to Stella, she didn't think it is disgusting or impolite and caught it. On the contrary, if she was Blanche, I think she must be scared and run away instead of catching the meat. Although Stella and Blanche are from the same family, their personalities are different, Stella was changed by Stanley. On the other hand, Stanley seems quite cool with his wife. He never speaks to her softly or treats her tenderly and even without asking for her health and the baby when she is pregnant. However, it is sure that he loves his wife. We can see that each time when he comes back home, the first thing he does is to call his wife, to see if she is there. Then after he bit his wife, he felt so sorry for that and knee down to bag her forgive him. According to these things, we can see Stanley also loves Stella but maybe his way is different to Stella's.


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