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After reading the first three chapters of the play, I found out the play is very realistic and also very attractive to me. Inside the play, we can find out some symbolic meanings from the setting, music, names of characters, light and so on. For instance, when Blanche- the older sister of Stella came to Stella's house from the station, she took a streetcar named desire. In my opinion, I think maybe the author of the play just showed us readers the hints about what would gonna happen in the following chapters¡K and I do see some desires showed by the different characters inside the play- (e.g. Stanley's desire of getting everything he wants and of making everything under his control.) Besides, we can also find out that the description of the light, the colors and the music are very important, too. I think Tennessee Williams used the music as the background effect maybe wanted to show the different passions of each characters in different situations. And the colors describing the shirts of the friends of Stanley as they were playing poker games maybe shows us that they don't have very "nice" jobs for we are used to call the labor as the blue class. And the color describing of Blanche's dress probably shows us her passion for it's was a flowered one¡K
Besides, we can easily find out the personalities of each character in the first three chapters as well. As for Stanley, I think he is a person who is very rude, mad and who cares money too much for he is insane about the gambling. But I think he is also the only person that shows his thoughts and behaviors honestly until now. Up to now, we can see that he never calls Stella- honey or sweetie, instead he always shouts to call her- Stella!! I don't think he is the person who knows how to show his love softly at times. And he will get terribly crazy after he is drunk. We can see that he hit Stella for she doesn't obey his instruction for turning off the radio, even as he knows Stella is gonna have a baby soon. But after his recovery from the madness, he is very sorry about beating his wife and even kneels down to implore her coming back to the house. I am very surprised at this because I assume he is a very tough guy who will never beg for one's forgiveness. I also think he is sometimes very dependant upon Stella for he always checks if Stella is at home when he got home every time.
As to Stella, I think she is a very obedient woman for she just caught the meat which was threw by Stanley at the very beginning of the play without thinking. I think she just accepts whatever Stanley wants her to do, including "that things" in the night. And by the way, she is very thoughtful, too, for she tells many good sides of Stanley to Blanche as she knows she dislikes him. And she also reminds Stanley not to tell Blanche she is gonna have a baby for maybe she is afraid that Blanche will be worried about her.
As to Blanche, I think she is a very superficial woman for she always cares too much about her appearance and her clothing. She is not very honest too for she will sometimes reveals what she has done and tells a lie. And I think she is also a very loose woman for she even wants to seduce her sister's husband. I think maybe the reason she did this is that she wants to "check" if she is still attractive.
As to Mitch- one of Stanley's friend, I think he is very different from the other guys whom he is playing poker with. He seems more gentle and polite. And he cares about and is afraid of losing his mother very much. I think perhaps he is afraid of being alone for he mentioned "you're all married, but I'll be alone when she goes."
We can find out that the sisters have the very different personalities though they are from the same family. Stella is the one that will be adapted to the circumstances like she is living with Stanley right now, but not so easily to Blanche. And we can figure out that in some ways, Stella is more practical and realistic than Blanche¡K
I think I will stop talking here, and I hope I can find out more details in the following chapters¡K


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