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After reading the novel " Wuthering Heights", it is really a relief for me to read " The streetcar named desire". To me, it's more interesting, especially the atmosphere of it is easier and at least the wording there is not as difficult as that in " Wuthering Heifgts". In my opinion, maybe it's because that this is not an old play, so it seems not to be too "classic" for me to read it. I think the largest difference between novel and play is that play is consist of dialogues mostly, and in consequence, we can read it easily and understand it more thoroughly.
As far as I know, Stanley and Stella lined in the poor apartment in poor area in New Olean peacefully. With the coming of Blanche, something changed. I think at first, Stanley and Blanche were quite comfortable with their life, but Blanche came with a lot of luxurious stuffs and a high position, and that reminds Stanley of the shortage of their material life. In terms of Stella, since she was willing to marry Stanley, she must be ignorant of his poverty, so she didn't feel uncomfortable for the coming of blanche. And I think what appeal to Stella is Stanley's physical attraction.
Stanley preoccupied that Blanche cheated them and occupied their property, so the relationship between them is quite bad and the rudeness and impoliteness of Stanley did really scare Blanche. And to Blanche, it must be very hard to understand why her sister loved such a rude beast, especially when the night there is a quarrel between the couple. And the friends Stanley has were just the same type as himself. The life they lead was like the labor class; it is filled with poker games, bowling games, alcohol and smoke. Blanche pretend to be a fair lady but in reality, she is not. Stanley knows her tricks, so his attitude toward her was very bad. Blanche kept a good figure and that is her best advantage to man.
To me, Blanche is just like the younger sister and Stella is like the older one in " Sense and sensibility"; the former one is more fantastic and the latter is more practical, and I think it is because the different backgrounds of them. Though they grew up in the same family, but after Stella married Stanley, perhaps the pressure of real life changed her. On the other hand, maybe Stella was more practical in nature, so she decided to marry Stanley.


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