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Blanche was a woman coming from a high class family. Though she had lost all the properties, her noble attitude never changed. She was very sensitive; even a little noise could alarm her. I think she had gone through too many misfortunes and pressure in her life. Besides, unlike her sister Stella, Blanche was not a compromising person who could adapt to changes. Moreover, I think she was afraid of changes and denied facing the reality (ex. she was afraid of her losing her properties, her youth and beauty, etc.)
She felt very uncertain about the new world and tried to persist in her own way of behavior and thinking, since that was how she had been educated: to be a lady. However, her world had changed from rich to poor at first; and then from the past gentility in the South to the modern rudeness in New Orleans. This last change confused and threatened her even more than before, and I think that might intensify her nerve problems.
One detail, which showed us Blanche's character, might be her French name Blanche Duboir. I think it supported and emphasized her elegance and fine behavior. Since she was raised and educated to be a fine lady, her behavior and postures should always be elegant and proper (ex. "Blanche sits in a chair very stiffly with her shoulders slightly hunched and her legs pressed close together ĄK").
I imagine Blanche to be very thin and weak. She was described in the text as a moth, always shaking and walking with faltering steps, ready to faint at any time. In addition to this, her French name Blanche which means white, might be also related with her pale face.
Even though Blanche was a teacher, she was not a completely honest person. Instead, we almost see her telling lies all the time throughout the play. In her opinion, lies were necessary to conceal her "unlady or uncharming" features such as drinking alcohol, her age, and her sickness (ex. "No one is my limit" "Yes, Stella is my precious little sister. I call her little in spite of the fact she's somewhat older than i. Just slightly. Less than a year." "Stella hasn't been so well lately, and I came down to help her for a while. She's very run down."
As I mentioned previously, Blanche came from the upper class society where all ladies were supposed to behave properly. However, as any woman, she too longed for love and men. In many scenes, Blanche appeared in a "red satin wrapper". The colour "red" made me think of passion and seduction since Blanche was always flirting with men and trying to catch their attentions. And she used the body as a tool to reach her purpose.


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