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This play happened in New Orleans where there are many different races. Some cities are rich and famous while others are poor and low class. The main characters, Stella and Stanly, live in small, shoddy shack with only two rooms in it. Moreover, there is no wall between the kitchen and the bedroom. The "Blue Piano" was heard at the very beginning of the play. I think the music stands for the atmosphere of their lives which goes on here. The blue music means sad songs, which express their sad feeling. At first, Stella was unhappy when she heard Stanly yelling at her, so she told him to quiet down. This can indicate that Stella came from another social level that is very different from Stanly's. I think Stanly is a tough and rough guy with a very good-looking face and a well-built body. But Stanly is only his by his flesh, not his brains. He functions as an animal.
Blanche came to Elysian Fields by a streetcar named Desire and transferred to one called Cemeteries. Elysian means "heaven" but the place is not a heaven at all. The name of the streetcar is exactly the title of the book. Maybe Blanche is the main character after all. She was described as a moth in this play, which is always circle the light and keeps moving all the time. This might suggest that she has little sense of security and often gets frighten or nervous. When she afraid something, she will find some alcohol to smooth herself. I think Blanche is very sensitive. Although she is Stella's sister, their personalities are quite unlike. Blanche thinks ladies should be charming and attractive to men. They have to be there to delight the men and they should act properly, a well-bred woman is welcomed and popular among men. That's why she cares a lot about her outside appearance.
There was a poker game and women would think it was a wild game for them. So Stella took Blanche out. When Stella told her husband that Belle Reve was lost, he was furious and kicked Blanche's suit case open to find out some papers. He thought that what belongs to the wife belongs to the husband, so her house is his house. But when Stanly touched those letters, Blanche said she wanted to burn them up. Their relationship is not very good and Stanly thinks and treats her badly.
When Mitch saw Blanche at the first sight, he wanted to quit the game and talk to her. She mentioned, " I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action." She thinks everyone should act appropriately. Blanche tends to lie. She told Mitch, " I am not accustomed to having more than one drink." But the truth is, she often drinks. Why she is inclined to tell lies?
Stanly was angry with Mitch not having poker game with them and he was also drunk. Stanly accidentally slapped Stella and she went upstairs crying. But when Stanly called her sweet baby, Stella forgave him and went to bed with Stanly. She said, " People have got to tolerate each other's habits." Stella seems used to this kind of life and this made Blanche very shocking. Blanche thought her precious little sister married a mad man. But Stella is very peaceful and calm, looks as if there is nothing happened! I was astonished, too. Why Stella married a crazy man like that?


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