Drama Journal (II)

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Drama journal (II)
First, how are Eunice and Steve used as a foil to the major characters here esp. Stanley and Stella? I think both of their relationship is the husband and the wife. As I read the drama, I know Eunice controls Steve better than Stella controls Stanley. When Eunice said, " you never phoned me once, "Steve answered " I told you at breakfast and phoned you at lunch -----" So we can know that Steve follows his wife and I think his temper in mild unlike Stanley. The fact that Stella can't control Stanley well results in Stanley's personality: rude, wild, and untamed just like an animal. It's hard for women to control him. Another that I want to mention is that I think Steve respects Eunice more than Stanley does. Stanley gives a loud whack of his hand on her thigh when everyone watches the scene on the spot. How embarrassed Stella will be! I don't think Stanley had considered Stella's feelings. And in a conservative society, I don't think women should bare her thigh. I might consider this behavior as a sexual imply. Moreover, When Stanley called Stella, he used the term" the little woman". He might think himself of a great man. The term " the little woman" suggests a little bit of scorn. It also means that the girl depends on him so much so that he is proud of being a man and also the girl is so timid that she needs his protection. I don't think the basement of the love between them has balance. The scales on Stanley's side is always much lower than it on Stella's side.
Secondly, I want to talk about Mitch and his relation with Blanche. I think he is a good child because he cares about his mother's disease. As for him mother is the first status in his mind. One of my classmates thinks that Mitch is not honest because he tried to use his mothers' disease as an excuse but I've never thought of it, so whether he is honest or not, I can't do a judgement. Anyway I know that he is found of Blanche. Actually I partly don't like Blanche because she is used to be pretend and hypocritical. Perhaps she wants to hind her nerves. Who knows? As for their relationship, I think the familiar taste for poems is the point that causes them to be fond of each other. According to my understanding, I think Mitch has a thoughtful heart and is more romantic than Stanley's violence. After facing a great deal of injuries, the most need for Blanche is a kind person whom she can rely on and talk to. I think the attraction between Mitch and Blanche is close to the spiritual entrust because they have the same interest which they can share with the other. On the contrary, I think the combination of Stanley and Stella results from their sexual need. Perhaps there is indeed a love between them, but their personalities are quite different. How they can get along with each other and stand with each other is a big deal. Every time Stella just yields to Stanley's bemoaning. I think she has a pitiful heart and easily forgives people. The opposite thought of mine is that if she yields to him because she must sleep with him.
As for Stella and Blanche's responds to Stanley's violent actions, I have better say that they are quite different women. I agree with what Blanche said because she is more sensible about Stanley's violence that Stella is. I think Stella is not a smart and independent girl. Even if she had been treated so badly by Stanley, she can't be aware of it. That's her tragedy because she has no the self-conscious saving herself. Instead, Blanche wants to get hold of herself and make herself a new life to escape the misery.
People all know that the most important thing between a couple is to tolerate each other. I think what Stella tolerate with Stanley is enough so that their marriage can go on until now. To my surprise, Stella doesn't feel Stanley's rough treatment is a kind of persecution. I can't help thinking is she takes it as a habitude. Actually, I like the drama because it talks about human beings' original desire of sex. And the role that Stella plays stands for that human beings can't lack sex.


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