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By reading Scene4-7,I have more clear idea about Blanche's personality and character.We can see many difference between Blanche and Stella.In the late of Scene 3,Stanley beat Stella,but she returned to him soon.In the next morning,Blanche had a qurrel with Stella.She thought Stanley's behavior couldn't be put up with,and she suggested Stella to find another man who could suit her.In her opinion,she couldn't bear the lower living standard and violent behavior.She thought Stella was in a difficult situation and she wanted to help her out.Blanche never took it into consideration that Stella loved Stanley and Stella didn't mind the violence at all.Here is the difference--Stella had received the life she led,but Blanche still imagined that she could have a dreaming life even after losing Belle Reve.Stella could adpat the enviroment but Blache couldn't.Besides,Blanche kept on lying in the play.I think the reason is because her high requirement for perfection.We can see that she put much emphasis on her appearance.She wanted to be beautiful so she could still attract men though she was not young.Her request for better men was another action for perfection.According to the good background,she thought both Stella and herself deserved good men,so she viewed Stanley in a vular way and rejected him.When she tried to connect with Shep Huntheigh,she needed to write down what she would say first,or her weakness of nervousness would be seen.As she wrote a letter to that gentleman,everything she wrote was a big lie.--"Most of my sister's friends go north in the summer but some have homes on the Gulf and there has been a continued round of entertainments,teas,cocktails,and luncheons--".She knew very clearly that what she wrote was not true,but she tried to creat a image that she was pretty good.She was used to hide her true self,so there were some paragraphs showing it:"Stella:Haven't you ever ridden on that street-car(Desire)?Blanche:It brought me here-Where I'm not wanted and where I'm ashamed to be...".Blanche not only hid herself but also be ashamed of admitting her desire.
As for the fights between Blanche and Stanley,the main reason which caused them was their different values toward each other.Blanche didn't try to understand Stanley and Stella's world,but she critisized it very much.They didn't leave good impression on each other at the first meeting,so later they almost became enemies.As Blanche blamed Stanley's commonness,Stella still ran into Stanley's arms,then he grinned to Blanche.It meant Stanley's victory.Later,Stanley spent a lot of time finding out everything about Blanche,and it was obviously that he wanted Blanche leaving.Stanley and Blanche went on fighting each other in the dark side,and Stella was the most poor guy because she could desert any of them.Perhpas the fights led a failure of this play at last.


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