Journal for Drama 2

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There are several things in this drama that I want to discuss in this journal entry.
The first one is about Stella's characteristic and her role in this "A Streetcar Named Desire."
She's indeed a good wife, I'd like to say, and she's really obedient.
But the extension of obedience, in my opinion, will become having no personal ideas of her.
She always wants to say something to protect Blanche from Stanley's accusation but never succeeds, and Stanley is always so strong and unreasonable that she can't talk over him.
So from this point we can also find that Stella is not only dependent on Stanley but also can't reason with him.
Stella's tone when talking about Stanley is often sweet and high, while Blanche's is always fearful and frightened.
That's why Blanche is nervous at the beginning of this play, because she's lost Belle Reve, and Stanley's attitude toward her made her panic.
Blanche has an intuition that Stanley doesn't like her anymore, and the fact is that Stanley at the end raped her when Stella is out!
And when Blanche and Stella is talking--- actually arguing--- about Stanley, I see that Stella really love Stanley and, most important of all, she is accustomed to the lower-class life in New Orleans.
She seems to forget at all the behaviors and courtesy in her childhood--- which also proves that she, must have been away from home for a very long time.
But Blanche isn't that way.
She can't bear the ugliness and dirtiness there.
She (Blanche) is the typical woman from Belle Reve, in my sight, who is supposed to be ladylike, attractive, and charming.
And Stella is also a middleman between Blanche and Stanley that she always tries to sooth the tense atmosphere in her house from this two enemies' arguing and accusation with each other.
She always wants to find a balance for her husband not to hate her sister too much as well as Blanche not to be afraid of Stanley.
The way she deals with Stanley's violence is much much better than Blanche's--- no wonder, they are husband and wife.
But it's hard and finally her mental stress and pressure transits into physically uncomfortableness that she needs Stanley to send her to the hospital.
The relationship between Stella and Stanley are like Siamese twins that I bet they can't live without each other.
But somehow Stanley has problems controlling his temper--- maybe he wants to frighten Blanche, who knows?
So it's really interesting: Blanche, Stella, and Stanley are just like a small triangle that "doomed" to be tangled together.
Blanche loves Stella, and Stanley loves Stella, too.
But the two just can't reconcile or get along well, and their bad relationship even leads to the failure of the love between Mitch and Blanche, poor Blanche.
In conclusion, she's the middleman, the air-soothing girl, and the probably happy mother with a son, and the sister of a nerve-tense woman.
Her role in this drama is important because it shows the rudeness of Stanley, freedom of Blanche, and the helplessness of herself is especially greatly appealed in the movie version.


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