A Streetcar of Desire (1~11)

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I am very curious about what exactly are Blanche's personalities and her characteristics. At first, she came to find her sister, Stella. Both of they were very happy to see each other and Blanche also told Stella some information about their hometown, Belle Reve. And I think she loved her family and the place where she grew up. But she couldn't do anything to change the fate or won back Belle Reve. She came to find Stella because she didn't know where to go and maybe Stella was the only one she could depend on. I also think she cared much about Stella. When Stanley did some terrible things to Stella, she knew Stanley was not a very good man. As a consequence, once she gave some advises to Stella telling her Stanley was just like a wild animal and asked if Stella wanted to go with her. It's because she thought Stella didn't have to stand Stanley's behaviors. Stella, however, loved Stanley so deeply that she thought Blanche didn't understand the love between her and her husband. I am very confused about the relationship between Blanche and Stanley. When they first met, he found she was a liar and thought she must be very rich. But actually, she just pretended she was. And she told lies for many times, I think maybe she didn't want others laugh at her and she wanted to prove she was not bad not only in material life but her beauty as well. Then she met Mitch. Do they treat each other with their true heart? I don't think so. I think Blanche only wanted to show her glamour and attractiveness because she was getting old. So she avoided let Mitch see her in the light. From here, I think she was always afraid that others might judge her by her appearance. She dare not show or face the real her. She hid herself in the light. As to Mitch, it seemed that he loved Blanche and courted her actively. But when he knew Blanche was not like what he thought, he didn't act like a gentleman any more. He shouted at her and even said to her, "I was a fool enough to believe you was straight." How could he say words like that to her? And this made her almost become crazy. After that, Stanley came back and did an extremely bad thing to her. Before these two matters, she had suffered muck pain from Stanley because Stanley wanted her to leave his house. Also she didn't believe that Mitch didn't come to have dinner with them and celebrated her birthday together. So she became mad. And from the last part of the book, I think Mitch regretted his rude behaviors and what he had said to Blanche. For example, when they played poker and they saw Blanch, only Mitch kept staring down at his hands on the table and the other men look at her curiously. But Stanley was still Stanley, his desire to women was as usual. We can see this in the very late part of the book "He knelt beside Stella and his fingers find the opining of her blouse."
I am touched by what Blanche said on page 126. Especially when she said, "Having great wealth sometimes makes people lonely!¡KPhysical beauty is passing¡K But beauty of the mind and richness of the spirit and tenderness of the heart-and I have all of those things-aren't taken away, but grow!" Maybe this is what she really wanted to present but still in vain. She lost. We common people still pay much emphasis on physical beauty and ignore the inner beauty. She also said, "This man is a gentleman and he respects me. What he wants is my companionship." She said what kind of man she really wanted. And I think this may be a hint to Stanley that he should treat Stella better and tender. These words can remind each of us to have more confidence and money is not everything. The true happiness and richness is try to make our mind rich.


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