a streetcar named desire

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Reading a play is very different from reading a novel. Play is more active, you can really feel like you are seeing actor walking around and talking in front of you. Play has to be more detailed especially every actor little movement, or else the audience will be confused. And it has to be relative, too. Not like novel, it can turn back time. A play need not to decribed the character so much, it is the actor who will act it out. But in novel character must decribed deeply. Just like " Wuthering Height" Nelly need to decribed Heathcliff, Cathy to reader. In " A streetcar named desire" the character isn't describes so deeply, but still I can know every character's personality. Stanley is a low class people, he seems like not being educated, and he is concern of himself. His love is so wild, and Stella's love is wild, too. We can see this from scene 3 when Stanley get drunked and bet Stella in the bathroom. After Stella went away Stanley is crazy and goes to find her. Stanley said " Stella! My doll's left me!" " I want my baby down here" Than Stella goes to him. Mitch said, " There's nothing to be scared of. They're crazy about each other." So I can know that Stanley and Stella is very passionately to each other. With the way Stanley ask his wife Stella to come back is very rude and mean. But within these word. I can tell that he is very self-center guy, he concerns a lot of himself.
I don't know why she comes out of her wealthy home; maybe it is because she wants to be more free. She comes from a well educated home. Her sister Blanche, who didn't get out from her home, is seems to be more torment. It seems like she has got a lot of stress from her family. It was seen in scene one. When Blanche have said," I know, I know. But you are the one that abandoned Belle Reve, not I! I stayed and fought for it, bled for it, almost died for it."Stella's life seems like more joyful than Blanche.
When seeing these characters, it remains me of " Wuthering Height". I think Stanley personality looks very much alike Heathcliff and Stella looks like Catherine. But the play seems like more present age.
I like the play a lot, because it reflects our social life. And I can put myself in to it. Those character seems like living in our world, and most of all I can get use to it. I really love forward to finish reading the play.


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