A streetcar Named Desire

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From the beginning to the ending of this play. Stella treated her sister, Blanche very well. I think Stella is a woman with a good nature. She always praised Blanche's appearance because Stella knew her sister cares much about the physical beauty. And Stella also wanted other people, for instance, Stanley and Eunice to praise Blanche, too. But even in the end, Stella hasn't really felt the tense relationship between her husband and sister. She neither knew what Stanley did to Blanche. In the last chapter, Stella still thought she couldn't threw her sister away, and she shouldn't let the doctor take Blanche away. Finally, Eunice placed the child in Stella's arm. Just as what Eunice talked to Stella before, " Life has got to go on. No matter what happens, you've got to keep on going." Then, Stanley walked to his wife, and talked to her something, which made me finally thought he is an inhuman and even disgusting guy. How could he behave like there was nothing terrible happened between Blanche and him? And the only thing in his mind was still the sensualist. Maybe he only had the animal passion.
At the beginning, I disliked Blanche. Because she cared too much about her appearance, and she told many lies. But finally, I felt sympathetic to her, because at least she hasn't meant to hurt others. She just couldn't face the reality and always told the lies in other to make things to be what she hoped to be. She wanted to cheat herself that she was still young and charming. Because she thought a lady should be with those things. But finally, everything still couldn't be the ideal one, and the reality seemed to against her hopes. Blanche couldn't bear that then she was crazy.


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